A Daughter's Poem
When I need to be rocked in
Or rubbed on my chin
Who does it ???
My Pa!!!!

When the closet monster comes
He fights them and scares them
Who is he ???
My Pa!!!!

When things are wrong
And all mixed up
Who makes things better???
My Pa!!!!

When Ma and my sissy [X]el
Cast an evil kind of spell
Who protects me ???
My Pa!!!!

If Pa didn’t exist
Things would be a mess
Who is always there
My Pa!!!
Pa Pa Pa Pa

Corruption, Torture, Criminal and Human Rights Violations
Officials and Judiciary of the States of the United States
(See Below For Some Cases of Judicial Misconduct Across the US)

in Violation of:
the States' own and federal
Laws and Constitutions,
the United Nations Conventions and Treaties, to wit
On Human and Political Rights, Charter 77, Rights of Children
, Family Rights &
in contravention of every norm of human rights, decency and morality.

                                                                                                                 (“Civilized” Re-Defined)

                   "The [above] matter [of atrocities, Due Process Violations, criminal
                 and fraudulent activities]
is before the United States Congress".
                                                                                                                             (Authorized Statement)

The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppose.”
                                                                                                                (Frederick Douglass, 1817-1895)

As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will
happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.

                                                                                                   (Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler)
Compare with US' deliberate, unconstitutional and criminal destruction of families!

    “That it is the view of the United States that States Party to the Covenant should wherever possible refrain from imposing any restrictions or limitations on the exercise of the rights recognized and protected by the Covenant, even when such restrictions and limitations are permissible under the terms of the Covenant. For the United States, article 5, paragraph 2, which provides that fundamental human rights existing in any State Party may not be diminished “.
    “The United States declares that it will continue to adhere to the requirements and constraints of its Constitution in respect to all such restrictions and limitations. (3) That the United States declares that the right referred to in article 47 may be exercised only in accordance with international law."
                                                                      (signed by the United States on 10.05.1977, Date receipt of Inst. 06.08.1992)
(United Nation International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Convention
                                                     on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination and Convention on Human Rights.)

The US Constitution is now only a “dead letter”.
                                                                                                        (Dr. Roger Roots, Esq., J.D., Attorney)

Do You Know What Is Happening To You? If Not, [1]S[9]e[8]e[4] For Yourself!

Anatomy of U.S.' Systematic Judicial & Official Corruption, Abuse and Human Rights Atrocities Upon Children and Their Parents

Simply Stated:

We are seeking and demanding that Perpetrators of such Criminal Misconduct and Human Rights atrocities be prosecuted. To this end, we are gathering verified affidavits and evidentiary documentation and records of such atrocities perpetrated by the judiciary and officials in ALL the 50 States of the United States for submission to US federal and International bodies for investigation, law enforcement and prosecution purposes. You are cordially invited, indeed urged, to submit your affidavit regarding your case.

In the US, every year multitude of children are kidnapped by the State courts, in conspiracy with county prosecutors and higher state judiciaries, and given to one parent (overwhelmingly to females) in order to collect extortion “incentive” kickback money ($Billions annually) from the willingly defrauded and colluding federal government (social engineering). In a vast majority of these cases, the children are abused and suffer, with the knowledge, acquiescence and often participation of the said judiciary, from “Stockholm Syndromedue to perpetration of “Parental Alienationin “Hostile [and unlawful] Custody Environmentjust so that the states, their courts, judiciaries and county prosecutors get their share of the kidnap “incentive” money, i.e. extortion money under Title IV-D (42 U.S.C. 651, et seq.).
For a greater understanding and in non-legal language, read this cold (without the individual drama and heartache of the hundreds of thousands of lives, families and children it has destroyed), detailed and illuminating
Title IV-D account (“MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL”, By Paul M. Clements, July 2008) and links to official figures and evidence of the institutionalized fraud and deception nationwide indicating the depth of shame, disgrace, moral depravity and bankruptcy and criminality the United States knowingly and deliberately has sunk to for greed and control upon fathers, mothers and their children using “mothers” as its tool of implementation of such criminal and human rights atrocity against families under its jurisdiction.

conclusion has to be that if you have family and value your children and their future, do NOT come to live in the United States, where in pursuit of the New World Order, the Family (the fabric of society) is deliberately and systematically destroyed by its corrupt federal and states' governments!


                "No country -- certainly not the United States -- is free of corruption,
            and no country should lecture others on how to eliminate it."
                "I remain convinced that there is no more important area in the fight
            against corruption than the challenge for us within the law enforcement
            and justice sectors to keep our own houses clean."
                "Corruption in the agencies charged with enforcing our laws not only
            threatens communities by allowing dangerous criminals to roam free, it
            also undermines the confidence of our citizens in law enforcement and
            the criminal justice system. The same is true with respect to judicial
            corruption. We must all, in our own countries, lead the fight to ensure
            integrity within our police and judicial systems. The same is true with
            respect to judicial corruption."
                “We must all, in our own countries, lead the fight to ensure integrity
            within our police and judicial systems.“
                “I turn now to the third dimension of corruption: the moral dimension.
            In the end, we must acknowledge morality is an essential foundation of
            law. Governments are reflective of the societies they serve. Even with
            strong law enforcement and preventive measures, there will still be those
            tempted by corruption, and those willing to corrupt. We must come to a
            recognition, personally and culturally, that corruption is not just a violation
            of law, not just an economic disadvantage, and not merely a political problem,
            but that it is morally wrong. ”

(John D. Ashcroft, United States Attorney General
Himself One of the Worst Violators of Civil Rights and the Constitution
in remarks to the Second Global Forum on Fighting Corruption!)

                                   (Charles Dickens, Bleak House)

The projects and actions herein for redress are applicable to ALL States, their judiciary and officials as well as those of federal courts with appropriate and relevant modifications (Contact Dr. Sanjari).
Everyone is invited and encouraged to
submit any and all misconduct by ALL States' and federal judiciary and officials for documentation herein.

(The inset caption is for your amusement only! It simply indicates the hypocrisy of the judicial system.)

Themis "The Goddess of Justice"

I AM THE JUDGE ... “ (Audio)

Criminal and constitutional Violations, by the judiciary often include, but not limited to: Fraud, and Conspiracy to defraud, Obstruction of Justice, Endangering Children's Safety and Well- Being, Child abuse, Lying in official court documents, Falsifying court records, Threats against parties, Conspiracy to cover up fraud, Violations of Oaths of Office, Treason Against the United States, ... with the Knowledge and Acquiescence of, and Cover up by the State's Appellate and Supreme Courts (and acquiescence of federal courts in cases federal suit is filed against said State judiciary and officials). In each State, ultimately it is the State Chief Justice MUST bear responsibility for the criminal corruption of State judges under his/her watch.

The United States Supreme Court (“USSC”) aids and abets the corruption by deliberately burying its head in the sand while its own federal courts (e.g. CA7, USDC-IN, but to name a couple) unconstitutionally and unlawfully continue to ignore and violate the Constitution and USSC's own directives where concerns the plight of people who seek fundamental, civil and human rights remedy and redress for atrocities and corruption perpetrated by States' judiciaries and courts !!! This capitulation to the states' judicial corruption erodes the authority of the federal laws and Constitution and people's protection under them. Hence, it is a deliberate betrayal of people's rights and trust!
The USSC is in direct and express violation of the Constitution by declining to hear people's Petitions (For Writ of Certiorari) to provide “redress” in the face of lower federal and particularly state courts' corruption ????? Such neglect and failure places the United States in direct violation of international treaties and Compacts (such as
United Nations Conventions On Human and Political Rights, Charter 77, Rights of Children) it has signed and ratified!!!!!! Hence, rendering the United States in further violation of norms of humanity, decency and morality, not to mention international law!!!!!!

The Constitution For the United States

(For the many judges and attorneys who have not read it, ignore it, or deliberately violate it! Hence, committing treason against the United States)

+++ "This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding." SUPREMACY CLAUSE -U.S. Constitution. Art. VI, Paragraph 2.
+++ When a judge acts intentionally and knowingly to deprive a person of his constitutional rights he exercises no discretion or individual judgment; he acts no longer as a judge, but as a " minister" of his own prejudices. [386 U.S. 547, 568].
+++ A judge is liable for injury caused by a ministerial act; to have immunity the judge must be performing a judicial function. See, e. g., Ex parte Virginia, 100 U.S. 339 ; 2 Harper & James,
The Law of Torts 1642-1643 (1956).
+++ The presence of malice and the intention to deprive a person of his civil rights is wholly incompatible with the judicial function.
++++ When the state in the instant case is one of the perpetrators and violators, there can be no expectation of just, indeed any, relief from it. The State cannot cause a federal violation, and then try to prohibit litigants from seeking redress in the federal courts for those same violations (i.e. the state cannot violate our fundamental rights, and then try to have us dismissed out of federal court for seeking vindication of those rights) ' "
We have long recognized that a state cannot create a transitory cause of action and at the same time destroy the fight to sue on that transitory cause of action in any court having jurisdiction", Tennessee Coal, Iron & R, Co. v. George, 233 U.S. 354, 360 (1914)' cited in Marshall v. Marshall (2006), US Supreme Court.

Judges' oath of office includes the undertaking to uphold the laws and Constitution of the United States. Any Judge violating such undertakings loses jurisdiction, resulting in his orders being VOID, and he himself commits a treasonable offence against the United States.

Frederick Douglass' Speech as bears relevance to the slavery perpetrated upon the people, especially fathers, by the States' and federal officials under the color of law and in violation of the US Constitution and international treaties and charters it has signed and ratified and human rights.
                                                                                                  (“Civilized” Re-Defined)

Announcements, News & Information

- 02.16.2009: Occasions to name a judge for positive conduct to uphold the law and the Constitution are extremely rare! However, we'd like to acknowledge the following members of the State of Minnesota judiciary: Justice Paul Anderson, Judge Debra Hedlund, Judge James Dehn and Judge Jack Nordby who have pledged to uphold the law and the Constitution to support petition for Grand Jury in Minnesota. People of all states are encouraged to study their respective state and federal constitutions with a view to utilising the provisions therein regarding Grand Jury rights to bring to account their corrupt officials and judiciary, as Ms. Nancy Lazaryan has commendably done herein in the face of opposition and non-cooperation by prosecutors and other judges. “Courts have taken the view that the authorization of a special grand jury may exist or function contemporaneously with the regular grand jury, and does not violate constitutional provisions guaranteeing the right to presentment or indictment by a grand jury for infamous crimes and felonies. People ex rel. Ferrill v Graydon, 333 Ill 429, 164 NE 832; State ex rel. Doerfler v Price, 101 Ohio St 50, 128 NE 173.At common law the grand jurors could be summoned by open venire”. Rogers v. People, 104 Colo 594, 94 P2d 453.
Although this communication refer to events in Minnesota, nevertheless the information therein may be a useful tool in invoking Grand Jury to investigate judicial and official corruption elsewhere

- 02.16.2009: Massachusetts Supreme Court Chief Justice, Margaret H. Marshall, pictured right, delivered a speech to the American Bar Association's (“ABA”) House of Delegates attorneys stating that state courts are in “crisis” and urges in which she urges attorneys to defend the courts whenever possible. She is correct in her assessment of crisis in state courts as they are beset by corrupt judges. However, she is wrong in identifying the courts as victims deserving assistance and defence. To the contrary, it is the people going before the courts that need to be defended against the prevalent and daily routine of corruption, constitutional and legal violations of their rights, families and possessions by the miscreant judges. No intelligent and aware people could take Ms. Marshall's comments seriously as scary as they are since they represent a new onslaught upon the rights of people by the judiciary in intimidating and choking any, rare as it is, expression of truth by an attorney. Obviously Ms. Marshall is doing an "O'Connor" (ex US Supreme Court Justice on a campaign of propaganda and misrepresentation) job on the people. However, as aware her audience of attorneys is of judicial corruption (many of them take part in it), Ms. Marshall no doubt found them receptive not least because vast majority of ABA members practice in state courts and as such are under the tutelage of states supreme courts, i.e. judiciaries like Ms. Marshall herself, who is currently the chair of Conference of State Chief Justices (the states' and territories' justices (see below the letter sent to them recently). The response to her obvious attack on electing judges (she and other judges in Massachusetts are unelected and apparently only represent their own agenda and judicial tyranny) is that whether elected or not, judges do not apply the law and the Constitution anyway, and her, and those of O'Connor's, remarks are merely designed to remove the chance (where available) for people to decide through elections fate of miscreant judges and make them all as unaccountable and tyrannical as those in Massachusetts. It appears that when the courts do not get absolute allegiance and obedience from lawyers, whom are "encouraged" to do so via such coercive methods, the said courts use their strong arm tactics and their monopoly of power over attorneys to silence any expression in support of rule of law. Such utterances by attorneys are extremely rare, yet on the very few occasions that an honest attorney (very few and far in between anywhere in the federal and state courts) does speak in support of the rule of law and the Constitution and against the judicial abuse, he/she is drawn and quartered in public and disbarred from practicing law. An example of such a sacrificed attorney is Barbara C. Johnson one of a few and rare attorneys who has spoken out against the judicial corruption in Massachusetts courts under Ms. Marshall herself. And given that deeply corrupt Massachusetts judges are not elected by the people, evidently Ms. Marshall is advocating, by her speech, that the rest of the country's courts (already corrupt to varying degrees) should follow suit and rule by absolute power. [It maybe noted that, as another example of judicial corruption and coercion, the Indiana Chief Justice, Randall Terry Shepard, elected in UNOPPOSED elections (!), too has and continues to commit crimes, to wit: fraud, case fixing, conspiracy, and has coerced and suspended attorneys (Michael A. Wilkins of Indiana and Jeffrey R. Learned of Michigan) for speaking the truth and brought under his iron-fist control (see below, also New York Times article). So, the question remains if electing judges makes any difference to their adherence to the rule of law and Constitution given their unconstitutional and unlawful self-appointed immunity which protects them against crimes they regularly, and in many cases, on daily basis commit while on the bench! Evidence points to the fact that it may not. Maybe, after all, as Ms. Marshall appears to imply, it would be better that judges are not elected so that people would more easily recognise and accept the judicial corruption that is so rampant by both elected and unelected judges. Clearly, the remedy has to be in the removal of the unconstitutional and self-granted judicial immunity which would not only encourage judges to truly apply the law, but also remove the need for criticising the courts and the perceived need for “defending” them. Ms. Marshall and other supreme courts judges have been advised of such a sorely needed real solution if they want to recapture the respect and trust of the people in their judiciaries. Alas, her, and other justices' having called upon the praetorial guards to “defend” the corrupt judiciary while boding ill, also signals her and her cohorts', as with many other petty tyrants', intention of continuing to ride roughshod over the Constitution, law and people's rights, “while Rome burns”. Judges are aware of the effects their tyrannical actions have on the people before judges (in the case of supreme courts, the lazy justices have given themselves the unconstitutional option of picking and choosing if a case comes before them or not and NOT providing appellate remedy to all who seek it as required under the Constitution, a right that is also violated by the federal Supreme Court justices) so they are fighting a rear-guard action to pre-empt any recourse by the people. In addition, the vast majority of attorneys are ALREADY in the pockets of the judiciary either through commission or omission, and no doubt, her remarks are designed to intimidate the rest into betraying their clients and oaths of office and further shield and get into bed with miscreant judges just so that they may be able to continue practicing their trade. Obviously by seeking support for the courts, Ms. Marshall is attempting to misrepresent the facts and give the impression that it is the courts, and not the victimised and wronged people before them, that are under attack and deserve support and fair treatment. This is because the majority of people who have not experienced and are not familiar with the courts and the prevalent judicial corruption and who are not aware of their own rights and Constitution, may still be under the misconception that rule of law exists in courts and that complaints against the judiciary are merely result of "sour grapes". This majority is unaware of the long creeping judicial tyranny that has, does and will continue to dispossess them and others of their families, rights and possessions in one way or another. One should remember and learn from history that it is precisely through such methods of misrepresentation and propaganda by those in and with power (such as Ms. O'Conner and their lackeys) that tyrants seek greater control and tighten their corrupt noose around the people's necks. Unfortunately, by the time the people come to realise it or act upon it, it will have been too late, if it is not already!

- 02.14.2009: Organs of corrupt Indiana judicial system out of Adams County, Indiana conspire to retaliate against and silence a Hawaii father, Mr. Ricky Dyer, allegedly for sending dozens of threatening e-mails, leaving threatening phone messages and making hundreds of harassing phone calls to Adams County Prosecutor Christopher Harvey, Circuit Court Judge Frederick Schurger and retired Superior Court Judge James Heimann.” However, such accusations come on the heel of lawsuit Mr. Dyer had filed against Prosecutor Christopher Harvey for various criminal and constitutional violations against him and his daughter after Mr. Dyer's former wife had kidnapped their daughter from Hawaii and taken her to Adams county, Indiana, where she was represented in court by Mr. Harvey who later, as the county prosecutor(!), filed fraudulent charges under the Title IV-D and had Mr. Dyer unlawfully extradited to Indiana although the Hawaii court had jurisdiction of the case(!). Then, judge Schurger, while admitting that he and Indiana courts had no jurisdiction in the case, nevertheless went ahead and ordered Mr. Dyer incarcerated! Such is the brazen corruption routinely exercised in Indiana courts all the way through its Supreme Court. In defending Mr. Harvey and his crimes in the federal lawsuit brought by Mr. Dyer, the Indiana deputy attorney general, David Arthur, got up to his old tricks of evading the truth and misleading the federal court. Mr. Dyer's federal lawsuit was dismissed without consideration of its merits and merely on the erroneous technicality of immunity protecting official and judicial corruption. This is a typical excuse, often unlawfully, that federal judges utilise to provide cover for their brethren state judges' and officials' criminal acts! After all, it is a matter of protecting the perpetrators of the said crimes (upon the parents, especially fathers) under the colour of law by the state of Indiana alone to the tune of $$$100,000,000.00s annually that is involved!

- 02.03.2009: Indiana - Arrest warrants have vanished for thousands of [] parents as a result of a new court policy.” In Marion County, parents involved in “child support” issues “who skip court no longer face the threat of jail.” Marion County Court Administrator Glenn Lawrence “said the warrants were suspended to allow no-shows the chance to explain why. He also said the county recently settled a case in which a defendant was denied due process. “ 'Now, the courts can only order what's called a "body attachment". "It's not really an arrest. It's a notice to bring them before the court," Lawrence said.' No doubt the real motive behind the move has been to protect the counties from lawsuit damages for their habitual and corrupt practices of due process violation rather than for any respect for the Constitution and rights of “non-custodial” parents fleeced, defrauded and criminalised by the state and its corrupt agencies (including the very courts which issue these orders and counties' prosecutors who unlawfully prosecute them) which reap monetary profit by destroying families' lives under the unconstitutional Title IV-D.

- 01.31.2009: “Ethicist Testifies For Hunger-Striker's Rights”. The Hartford Courant. “A prison doctor [Edward Blanchette] violated professional standards when he force-fed William Coleman, even though the inmate's 16-month hunger strike had threatened his health, a medical ethicist testified Friday in a hearing at Superior Court in Hartford.” “Following a patient's wishes regarding medical treatment is the most important consideration, said Arthur Caplan, a professor and director of the Center of Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania.” ' "In my opinion, a competent adult like Mr. Coleman has the right to refuse any and all treatment," Caplan said.'The Department of Corrections is asking Judge James T. Graham to make permanent a temporary injunction he issued in January 2008 that allows the state to force-feed Coleman, who was sentenced in 2005 to eight years for raping his wife. He says the hunger strike he started in September 2007 is a protest against his conviction and a corrupt judicial system.” “Caplan said two declarations by the World Medical Association, signed by the American Medical Association, contain guidelines that doctors should respect a patient's request not to be treated, even prisoners.”
The following is noteworthy:
Mr. William Coleman, on hunger strike, has been unconstitutionally jailed based upon false allegations by his former wife Jillian Parle of Waterbury, CT, as a means of leveraging in a child custody case that further highlights the conspiracy amongst the judiciary, county prosecutors and other states' agencies financially profiting under Title IV-D federal government incentive payments. Such false allegations by women against their partners are advocated by many lawyers and leveraged in child custody (and financial support) matters and are encouraged by the state courts and prosecutors as a way of reaping financial profit. Such unconstitutional atrocities and tactics, not to mention the resulting torture in this and other cases, are wide-spread in the U.S. and are utilised by the federal government as a social-engineering tool.
B) Mr. Coleman is incarcerated as a result of the corrupt judicial system in Connecticut and other states of the United States. Hence, he has every right to protest his innocence through hunger-strike. The torture orders, sought by deputy Attorney General
Ann Lynch, issued by judge James T. Graham (pictured here) of corrupt Connecticut Superior Courts, and carried out by Dr.Edward Blanchette of the Connecticut Correction Facilities are designed to cover up their atrocities in this and similar cases from attracting more wide-spread attention in the event of Mr. Coleman's death should he be allowed to exercise his constitutional rights.
C) As disgraceful, hypocritical and neglectful as the British government's (Mr. Coleman is a British citizen and entitled to every protection and assistance by the British government and its representatives in the U.S.) ostensible silence and inaction are, do they not indicate the said government's complicity in the U.S. atrocities vis-a-vis torture, not least perpetrated upon its own citizens? Although the British government may claim inability to interfere in the internal affairs of a host country (the U.S.), nevertheless when the said host country government perpetrates atrocities unlawful under international laws and even under its own laws, doesn't the British government have a duty and obligation to protect its citizens who are victims of such internationally forbidden atrocities?
D) How is it that physicians at the CT Correctional Facilities who perpetrate torture in this case are allowed to practice medicine at all by the United States and the American Medical Association? Are such ethical and legal atrocities a manifestation of torture culture encouraged by the United States' other similar conduct elsewhere, or is this the cause which has led t those other atrocities ?
We demand that the American Medical Association revoke the medical practice licenses and memberships of the physicians who have been perpetrating such torture upon Mr. Coleman in this case as well as upon others in other cases, particularly in view of such physicians' violations of the international guidelines signed by the AMA. Also see duties of physicians under the AMA
Professional Responsibility and Principles of Medical Ethics .

- 01.29.2009: “Courts can rescue kids from an alienating parent”. The Globe And Mail. The tide of opinion is turning against those who alienate their children from the other parent. Courts are willing to show tough love”. However, in the United State courts are corrupt and conspire with state officials to force children into unlawful custody of the alienating parent (mainly “mothers”) for the sake of monetary profit ($$$100,000,000.00s annually) and incentives that they (the very courts and judges who remake custody decisions unlawfully and in conflict of interest), states' agencies and county prosecutors receive from the federal government. They, in prostituting their own and their judicial integrity, not only do not have the true interest of children in mind or heart, but also resort to facilitating such atrocities as parental alienation against children for the said profit. (Examples abound on this site alone.)

- 01.27.2009: Pennsylvania- "The two judges who led the Luzerne County Court for the last seven years took $2.67 million in payoffs for helping a private juvenile detention center reap millions from county contracts, with one of the judges going so far as to sentence children to detention over the objections of juvenile probation officers to benefit the center, federal prosecutors alleged Monday." The Times Tribune. It appears that judicial corruption is only investigated and punished when the victim is state and money is involved leaving the people and their children exposed to the mercy and atrocities of criminally corrupt judges. The above false sentencing of children to detention is similar to pervasive false criminalisation of fathers and deprivation of their children and family life so that judges, counties, prosecutors and states financially profit from the resulting federal incentive paid under Title IV-D fraud to these authorities for destroying families and atrocities against fathers and children. This parallel could not be more similar to what is the government and states are doing to fathers and children. The difference is that in this reported case the county government lost money so federal authorities took action against the said judges. In cases in which people are the victim, the federal agencies' ears are deaf, and by extension and through their inaction they are just as criminally liable and responsible as the perpetrating judges whose crimes the federal authorities ignore!

- 01.26.2009: In a communication to the chief justices of all 50 states, District Of Columbia, and 5 Territories (see below), Dr. Sanjari, et al., asked for their views about, and sought their support for, eliminating the self-assigned judicial immunity that protects corrupt judges against any effective remedy sought by the victims of their criminal and administrative misconduct. Judicial immunity not only does not “interfere with administration of justice”, but indeed actively encourages dishonesty, fraud, criminal acts, ignorance of law and deprivation of fundamental constitutional rights by judges who'd always hide under the cover of said immunity. [The criminal corruption by Indiana judicial system, whether by a mere lower court judge such as judge Rex L. Reed, or by Appellate and Supreme Courts led by chief justice Randall Terry Shepard, was used as a case in point.] They commit misconduct “just because they can” do it and get away with it with impunity. This has resulted in a deeply rooted criminally corrupt judicial system in every single state of the United States as well as within its federal judicial system. Furthermore, it has resulted in the break down of judicial system and the prevailing judicial tyranny that even the state and federal legislatures are intimidated into inaction regarding any remedy to the extent that as far as judicial matters are concerned at least, legislatures have become impotent and marginalised such that some of them even decry their own power and authority expressly given them by their constitutions and laws (c.f. Indiana House Speaker Bauer and Judiciary Chair Lawson deny the House has the power) to impeach a crooked judge. Maybe the legislatures are corrupt too and/or are too aware that the whole of the judiciary is corrupt and if they were to impeach any crooked judge, they'd have to impeach them all. An inevitability that will at some point in time come to pass. In any case it must be due to either their ignorance (upon election they swear to uphold the same constitution that expressly gives the authority to impeach. Do they not know upon what they swear!?) or having been co-opted in the corrupt culture of the judiciary. This emasculation of the legislature is also due to the executive branch being more proactively corrupt as well as the latter's incestuous and constitutionally prohibited relationship with the judicial branch to support and provide cover for each other's corrupt practices. As a notable East-Coast attorney's signature line motto states,
The judicial system is very broken. It must be fixed.
                       There are four people who can do the job: 
Everybody, Somebody,
                       Anybody, and Nobody. Everybody thinks Somebody will surely do it.
                       It is a job Anybody can do. But Nobody is doing it. At least I'm trying.
                       What are you doing?
It has become evident that not only the judiciary has no intention of even trying to reform itself, address such concerns and cleaning its corrupt house, but indeed it is going in the opposite direction, it has managed to create more cover, whether through legislation or additional security measures at courts, for its corruption and misdeeds. Apparently, it believes that it can continue with business as usual of criminal misconduct and get away with it. This attitude will only hasten the inevitable backlash by the public. The legislature too has shown disdain for the rule of law and the constitution and decided that it will not even attempt “to do the job” and found that it is more comfortable to fade into the dustbin of history by denying its own authority expressly given it by its state and/or federal constitution and laws that were written in the same House. Hence, providing no bars for judicial tyranny. The incestuous relationship between the judiciary and executive branches
has created a two-way quid pro quo routine whereby the executive branch would not unleash its investigative power into the judicial corruption even when the public clamours for one, and the judiciary provide favourable rulings unduly shielding and increasing the power of state at the expense of the public and by curtailing the latter's sovereignty. Hence, sustaining the corrupt practices of both branches. Even the media have been either cowered, intimidated and/or co-opted into silence at best, or, more likely, willing and active participants in the cover up of same corruption, which seems to be the usual course of events.
Ultimately, the job falls upon the ordinary man in the street, i.e. the public who is the actual and ultimate victim of said judicial corruption and tyranny, to do. But, unfortunately, ordinary people who are expressly affected and whose interests dictate (the higher strata of the society merely buy their way through the legal system in the USA) that they should pay most attention to forcing the removal of judicial immunity and fixing the broken and corrupt judiciary suffer from the same symptoms as the legislature, i.e. ignorance, lethargy and above all, lack of intestinal fortitude. The only time, and even then a very small proportion of, the public gets interested, knowledgeable and involved regarding the judicial tyranny perpetrated upon it is when they come face to face (metaphorically, as vast majority of the litigants seeking redress are unduly and unlawfully blocked
by the courts from reaching any meaningful or effective stage at which they could have any hopes of redress, or even before a jury trial) with the judicial system in a legal case at which point they begin to realise the extent of the erosion of their rights and the stench of irremovable rot set in the judicial system. By then, alas, it is too late! Given the hopelessness of the government branches and media in countering judicial corruption, the only remedy appears to be for groups of people to stage peaceful civil disobedience á la Dr. Martin Luther King and Mohandes Mahatma Gandhi and march on a daily basis in every state, and for as long as it takes, to the states supreme courts and the federal supreme court demanding the rule of law and the Constitution by the judiciary, punishment of the judiciary and judicial officers against whom there can be shown proof of misconduct and removal of immunity for any and all judicial officers for, after all by the federal Constitution, i.e. the Supreme Law of the Land, no one should be held above the law, which should apply to all equally. Alas, ending judicial tyranny and re-establishing the rule of law and supremacy of the Constitution require intestinal fortitude that docile, domesticised and politically correct men (the main victims of the status quo) no longer possess, even to save their own families, rights and freedoms. After all, in 1776 the fundamental rights, now so readily abused and/or deprived by the judiciary, were obtained by mere smugglers, thieves, slave traders and tax evaders!
The above
communication was additionally sent to State Justice Institute members; National Center For State Courts members; State, National and International Judicial & Legislative Bodies; States, National and International Media, and The UN Human Rights Commission, et al. .

- 01.24.2009: Canada- Judge removes children from mother's control” and sends them “to U.S. deprogramming centre” for treatment for "alienation" (Parental Alienation, PAS) and “abuseby the mother. Globe And Mail. The judge's decision can only be described as truly in the best interest of the children and "child focused and designed very sensitively to ensure that children emerge from this process as healthy children". The "Ontario judge has ordered that three girls be seized and sent to a parental alienation centre for deprogramming after their mother waged an unrelenting campaign to alienate them from their father." Globe And Mail, or here (pdf).
"The children – aged 14, 11 and 9 – were transported several days ago to the U.S.-based centre. After being treated, they will live
[ :) ] in the sole custody of their father, a 56-year-old vascular surgeon."
' “It is now time for his and the children's fates to be free from [the mother's] control,” Madam Justice Faye McWatt of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice said in her ruling. “She has shown that she cannot be entrusted with it.” '
The judge said the children had become so poisoned toward their father by the mother's “emotional abuse” that they had lost the capacity to make independent decisions about interacting with him.'
"Judge McWatt ordered the 42-year-old mother – a chiropodist identified only as K.D. – to turn over all the children's clothing, passports and possessions. K.D. was also ordered not to harass the children or go within 300 metres of them."
"The judge also gave the father, A.L., the power to confiscate the children's cellphones, pagers, computers and BlackBerrys to prevent their mother from contacting them."
' “Hopefully, this decision will send a message to other parents of like mind that, if they alienate children, there is a huge price that will be paid at the end of it all,” the father's lawyer, Harold Niman, said in an interview last night.'
Apparently, the Ontario courts do not suffer from the corrupting factor of government monetary incentive kickbacks and profit that influences U.S. courts into destroying families' and children's lives by kidnapping the latter and trapping them in the unlawful and abusive custody of uncaring “mothers” which brings U.S. courts and state agencies $$$Billions in annual profit. The United States should be ashamed of itself and its policy of paying courts incentive to destroy families as a means of social engineering and control.
We suggest that Madam Justice McWatt be invited to teach the corrupt U.S. courts the meaning of “best interest of the child” and “child focused” decision making!
No doubt all of us fathers, who under the corrupt U.S. judicial system have lost our children to courts which prostitute their judicial integrity for profit and to growing number of psychotic women who pass themselves off as “mothers” only to control and abuse our children in conspiracy with the said courts, congratulate A.L. and his three daughters and wish them the best in the future living as a healthy family together. We, also most certainly, look to the day that maybe at long last our own alienated and abused children (by corrupt U.S. courts and their "mothers") will return to us recognising and renewing the bond with their truly caring parents.

- 01.14.2009: The US Supreme Court in an opinion ruled that evidence gathered as a result of errors in a police database is admissible in court. Their narrow decision is wrong, and will only ensure that police databases remain error-filled in the future. It also unlawfully extends the reach of police power enabling them to get away with almost any crime against an individual. Given the corrupt nature of police forces in the US, this decision could have far-reaching consequences for many against whom there are (deliberately?) false and/or invalid records in police databases. Do the 5 justices that voted for this decision even know the damaging consequences of their ignorant and callous action!? It appears that the Roberts' Court has embarked on creating an even more dictatorial Police State.

- 01.13.2009: “Brian Armstrong murdered by jailers” in a New Hampshire “correctional facility” on January 2000. Brian, in temporary custody before appearing in court in a “child support” case, left behind a 12-year old son. The three videos (9:03, 9:51 & 8:46 minutes) present interview of an eye witness, himself a victim of judicial corruption in pursuit of profit under Tile IV-D “child support” fraud by the states. [Should the said video links no longer be accessible, please contact us.] To the present day, federal and New Hampshire state officials have refused to bring criminal charges against the perpetrating jailors!

- 01.05.2009: “Court Delivers Devastating Blow to Leading Feminist Attorney Barry Goldstein”, and has “his head handed to him”. “The New York Appellate Division for the Second Judicial Department imposed a staggering ve-year suspension of Goldstein in large part for his conduct in the Shockome case. The Court called numerous statements Goldstein made concerning the Shockome case "dishonest, false, or misleading." The Court also criticized Goldstein for misuse of funds in another case he handled.Such labels usually are attached to crooked professionals. Goldstein's fall [and disgrace] is a tremendous embarrassment to many of [the] opponents in the battle to achieve shared parenting, reform family law, and protect children's right to a relationship with both parents after divorce, as well as to those segments of the media (to wit, Newsweek, Boston Globe) which blindly and/or deceptively give support to and publicise the destructive feminist agendae. These include: the New York state chapter of the National Organization for Women; Justice for Children; The Battered Mothers Custody Conference; Stop FamilyViolence; The Leadership Council; and others.As part of their tactics of deception, the feminists, NOW and their cohorts, deny the existence of Parental Alienation and fraudulently exaggerate and/or contrive false abuse claims by men and fathers in order to further their destructive agendae against the family, children and their fathers.
It appears that the feminists' and NOW's corrupt practices and deception tactics extend to even issuing lies, through such miscreants as Mr. Goldstein, against judges, such as judge Amodeo in the Shockome case in New York, who do not fall into the feminist trap of lies. Contrary to one of the many false statements made by this dishonest attorney, “there was no evidence that the
ex-husband was an "abuser," and the Court specifically repudiated this accusation.”

- 01.01.2009: The sham and disgrace of “no-fault divorce” and its fraud upon the families and particularly, the children creating fatherless children and dysfunctional families, and hence society perpetrated by the Elite in their pursuit of world dominance using the ignorance of feminists as their weapon of mass destruction of families. ... And, top ten (10) secrets of it!

- 12.31.2008: “Fathers & Families [a parental equal rights group] sues to stop Massachusetts” “child support” guidelines. The new guidelines, that are expected to come into effect on January 01, 2009, 'were not formulated using the actual costs of raising a child, as required by federal law, and are thus “arbitrary and capricious.” The pleadings before the court assert that the process used to put together the new guidelines violated the due process and equal protection rights of the payors of child support, as protected under the United States Constitution. Additionally, the state bypassed the normal legislative process by having a secret committee prepare them and a judge declare them to be law, in violation of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights.' Such fraudulent and discriminatory treatment of parents, mainly fathers, is typical of the state of Massachusetts in its policy of destroying families and lives of children and their fathers in the state.

- 12.26.2008: It appears that investigative journalism (an unbiased investigation of truth) is no longer the trade of journalists who sell their souls to the powerful vested interests and advertisers. This is one reason official and judicial corruption has flourished and continues to do so unhindered in America since the so-called members of media have sold out or been intimidated into ignoring the vast evidence and indications of corruption. There was a time that the media could be relied upon to act as a check on the three branches of the government, but now they have well and truly been co-opted into helping cover up or merely look the other way! And yet, people, through buying the media's and journalists' wares, fund the aiding and abetting by the media and journalists in atrocities upon themselves like they fund the atrocities perpetrated by the corrupt judiciary and officials. So, is it any wonder that the oppression of the people by the said perpetrators continues unabated!?

- 12.25.2008: The myth that “the FBI will pursue all allegations of judicial corruption vigorously,” seems to be further perpetuated by the special agent John F. Pikus in charge of the Albany, New York, division. We submit that the investigated of a case or two does not constitute even the tip of the iceberg of judicial corruption. Our suggestion is that special agents in charge in all divisions throughout the United States dig into the multitude of complaints submitted to the FBI which go ignored for variety of reasons to wit, indifference, refusal to carry out duties (see various federal statutes that require federal agent to investigate judicial and official corruption and criminal misconduct), discrimination, FBI's own misconduct and corruption, deference to the judicial perpetrators and cronyism. Special agent Pikus' remarks arise out of his office's investigation of felony corruption by judge Thomas J. Spargo of East Berne, New York, in conjunction with the Justice Department's Public Integrity Section in Washington, D.C. . Our hope and suggestion to the said special agent from Albany is that he'd strongly remind and recommend his colleagues in the state of Indiana of their duty to act given the multitude of pieces of evidence and complaints on this website alone showing criminal and felonious corruption by Indiana judiciary all the way through the state supreme court and its justices. The special agent, who evidently is cognizant of his duties and mandates of his office as well as his moral obligation to act, is however, correct in one respect, namely “public corruption violations are among the most serious of all criminal conduct and can tear at the fabric of a democratic society.

- 12.22.2008: In a brazen denial of justice, under the pretext of “economic storm, Justice is being delayed or disrupted in state courtrooms across the country [US]. This move, ostensibly implemented under the pretext of financial pressures, is a logical and predictable progression in the light of other constitutional and civil rights denials prevalent in the US and heralds yet another step toward complete dictatorial government control [a la “1984”] through the use of judicial tyranny which has been the hallmark of American judicial system for many years. ' "You're talking about erosion of our fundamental civic fabric," said Ellen J. Shemitz, executive director of the New Hampshire Assn. for Justice, which represents civil trial attorneys.' The system, in the affected states, “will arraign criminal suspects, process legal motions and otherwise deal with murders, mayhem and contract disputes. What it won't do is hold jury trials.” Although judges in the US have long abandoned taking note of the Constitution and rights thereunder, the “[c]riminal defendants have a constitutional right to a speedy trial”, “As a result, civil litigation and family law cases are bearing the brunt of the disruptions. And cascading bankruptcies, foreclosures and business disputes have only increased the backlog.” “At least 19 other states, including California, have slashed court budgets and other government services as their economies have tanked, said Daniel Hall, vice president of the National Center for State Courts, a nonprofit in Williamsburg, Va.”All the effort to subpoena witnesses and prepare for those trials is right out the window," Reams, a NH county prosecutor said, adding "Internally, it's a monumental waste of time. We'll have to redo everything."
“In Vermont, state Supreme Court Chief Justice Paul L. Reiber recently proposed closing as many as seven county courts, as well as laying off employees, to help ease a budget deficit. The state already shuts district and family courts half a day each week to save money.”
“Robert J. Lynn, chief justice of the superior courts, which conduct all New Hampshire jury trials, said he fears the delays inevitably will cause damage. "There is some element of 'justice delayed, justice denied,' no doubt about it," he said.”
'Christopher Keating, executive director of the New Hampshire Public Defender program, said his chief concern now is "people in custody who will endure delays in getting their day in court.” '

- 12.19.2008: “So you believe that free speech is alive and well in America? Hardly. Not if you dare to criticize a judge and ESPECIALLY if you’re a judge who dares to criticize another jurist. In an unprecedented move that egregiously rapes the First Amendment and effectively serves to stifle dissent within the judiciary to the public detriment, the Florida Supreme Court has voted to discipline Judge Michael Allen of the First District Court of Appeals for criticizing a fellow judge in a written opinion and in essence, calling him corrupt.” This is the stuff judicial arrogance and corruption, by most american judges, and cowardice by the rest of them, are made of. “ In its 5-0 decision, the court upheld a determination by the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission to publicly reprimand Allen because he had criticized a another judge in a concurring opinion which was related to an appeal of the bribery conviction for former Florida Senate President W.D. Childers.”

- 12.17.2008: In a move which is too little and too late for many families, the UK government opens “to the media” the “Divorce, custody and care proceedings in court”, in order “to increase transparency and accountability in the family courts, the Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, has announced.The Independent. However, given the manipulation and coercion of the media by the governments and vested interests, it is expected that the prevailing bias against fathers and destruction of families by the courts will persist.

- 12.15.2008: Parents inflicting Parental Alienation Beware!
In a long overdue ruling a judge said 'Targets of Parental Alienation Can Sue for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress’. Parental Alienation [“PA”] is a psychological abuse that many parents (overwhelmingly “mothers”) inflict upon their children in order to alienate the child from the other (“target”) parent and create a rift between them. Many states have laws providing legal remedy for the target parents to sue the inflicting parents. Such an abuse is very often perpetrated with the knowledge and acquiescence of courts, attorneys, county prosecutors, et al., involved in divorce and child custody determination in order to create discord amongst children and their (often unlawfully removed) “non-custodial” parents for the purpose of reaping financial profit for the courts, judges, counties, prosecutors, attorneys and states under federal incentive programmes funding such activities as (whimsically named) “child support” collection, etc. This deliberately criminal enterprise involving the said perpetrators results in destruction of lives of the children and their “target” parents!

- 12.04.2008: In a “call 2 action!” move, the National Congress for Fathers & Children of New Hampshire (NCFC-NH) unveiled a new billboard publicising the atrocities the (whimsically called “family”) courts perpetrate upon children and their parents, removing fathers from their children's lives due to the said courts' judicial arrogance, tyranny and ever pursuit of financial profit in the form of federal incentives in conspiracy with state counties, county prosecutors, courts, (equally whimsically named) “child services” agencies, et al., all of whom share the unlawfully and ill-gained profits to varying degrees, but, ultimately, all of whose actions result in the destruction of the fabric of the society, i.e. the Family. Let us hope that other parental and civil rights groups emulate the example of New Hampshire NCFC and bring these atrocities to the prominence they deserve and urgently need, and that at some point along the way, the media will regain their conscience and perform their duties in publicising the said human rights atrocities upon the children and their families!

- 12.03.2008: “At school, there's no one like Dad”. A “growing body of ... research has indicated that students blossom even more when a father jumps in.” It's amazing that research is required in order for people in the US to be told what the rest of the (non-Anglo-Saxon) world already knows regarding necessity and meaning of fathers to their children and their contributions to the children's lives, and that fathers are no less valuable and necessary to the well-being of children than are mothers! The questions are: why the US society is so hell bent on destroying families through removing fathers' from their children's lives, and why the (whimsically named “family”) courts are so active in conspiring in and facilitating such destruction! Could it be the deep-seated greed and systematic corruption of US judicial system and the money destruction of families generates for them, the states and states' agencies!?

- 12.02.2008: “Lawmakers call for oversight of Child Services”. During the past year, The Indianapolis Star has reported extensively on problems within the state agency, including instances when the agency did not heed warning signs that might have prevented the deaths of two children.” No proposed new laws will stem the death and destruction so brought upon the families since the ulterior motive for such destruction will still be in place. It is the greed and corruption of the judiciary as well as those of other state agencies that financially benefit from the incentives paid them by the federal government that will perpetuate such damage to families. Any serious and genuine remedy would require disciplining the crooked judges through impeachment by the legislature. (This is the only way to correct the corrupt judicial system since the Indiana courts, all the way through its Supreme Court and chief justice Randall Terry Shepard, are riddled with corruption and criminal activities (to wit, fraud, conspiracy, case fixing, falsification of official court records in the perpetrating crime, child abuse, false imprisonment, threat and intimidation of pro se litigants and attorneys) and incapable of self-discipline. E.g. see New York Times article.) But no Indiana medium has shown the integrity or the courage to publicise such corruption and crimes even when provided with evidence thereof! Furthermore, what the Indiana media will not discuss or report is the very destructive effects on the families and their lives of the corrupt judiciary and other state and county agencies such as county governments and prosecutors, child “services”, etc, all of whom perpetrate their crimes under the aegis of the crooked courts and together benefit from the blood money incentive coming from the federal government. Indeed, even when the media, including Indianapolis Star, are provided with evidence of such crimes by judges, they encourage such criminal activities through their silence and not reporting. This makes them every bit at least as morally responsible as the criminals themselves. Could their silence be due to fear of and/or having been co-opted into the judiciary's web of conspiracy or that the longer the judicial crimes are perpetrated and not reported, the more newspaper copies are sold reporting the people's and families' destroyed lives and misery!?

- 12.02.2008: Unlawfully incarcerated father, Clark Rockefeller's (Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter) concern for his daughter leads to retrieval of the child's stuffed elephant and doll in time for the holidays. Mr. Rockefeller had got the presents to give to his daughter, but through unlawful and corrupt activities of the Massachusetts, Maryland and US federal authorities, he was not able to present them to her himself. Mr. Rockefeller and his 7-year old daughter are victims of the corrupt US divorce and custody laws whereby, for greed, and unconstitutionally under the colour of law, the child is almost always given to the “mother” in order to enable states to garner federal incentives ($$$Billions) and aid and abet federal social engineering plans of dismembering families. Such unconstitutional activities are aided and abetted, either passively or actively, by the US media. One of the more active and extreme feminist, sensationalist and politically slanted reporting of such a story has been by the Boston Herald in Massachusetts, a haven for extremist feminists and their political lackeys. Mr. Rockefeller tried in July 2008 to reclaim his 7-year old daughter who had been kidnapped under the colour of law and taken to the UK by her mother distancing the child from her father. Boston Herald's “reporting” of this unfortunate story is so devoid of objectivity, professionalism and certainly relevant facts that it presents itself as a prime example of gutter “press” putting its extremist politics before the lives of children and their parents, not to mention sacrificing the truth and objectivity. One has to only look at the record of such gutter and discredited “press” regarding their views and reporting of the Family and corrupt “family” courts, of which those in Massachusetts are a prime example, destroying families.

- 12.01.2008: Kafka has a rival. Today, the [British] Foreign Office lectures us on human rights.” “Such an open day beggars belief. At this PR gala you will find no stall for the victims of rapacious British [and, its accomplice in torture and destruction upon others, the US] power”. Nor will there be a stall for numerous instances of torture and assassinations by their own security forces or those of other governments' whose ' “security forces” are trained by the British and Americans and [in some cases] responsible for 90% of torture, [according to] a new study by the British human rights group'. In this Kafkaesque show of hypocrisy, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights this year, the UK and US governments lecture (John Pilger, The Guardian) others on human rights violations while covering up and ignoring their own crimes, tortures and human rights atrocities. For its part, the US additionally celebrates the same by openly instituting torture upon people in concentration camps within its own borders. Ironically, the US's celebration coincides with the second year of its torturing of a British citizen (and no doubt others too) in a Connecticut prison where he has been falsely incarcerated under the colour of law and without his habeas corpus having been considered since 2005. This may not come as a surprise given that the US has been routinely and openly perpetrating torture (Julian Borger, The Guiardian) and other atrocities in concentration camps throughout the world and within its own borders with the acquiescence of its people. It was only a matter of time before such human rights violations would be perpetrated upon its own people. Nevertheless, it is still shocking and unacceptable to the conscience of those whose ideals surpass the daemonic aspirations of one world government and control thereof. It appears that the British government's response to the torture of its citizens by its co-conspirator is at best acquiescence and inaction, or more likely, partnership in crime.

- 12.01.2008: The American Psychological Association (“APA”) acknowledges Parental Alienation (“PA”) regularly takes place and that mothers, as the “emotionally dysfunctional, raging, paranoid, or sullenly depressedparent, are the main perpetrators. Forensic Psychologist, Deirdre Conway, Rand, Ph.D., writes in AMERICAN JOURNAL OF FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY, VOLUME 15, NUMBER 3, 1997, 

 [Parental Alienation Syndrome]- Gender
Children are about twice as likely to form PAS type alignments with their mothers as they are 
with their fathers (3, 5, 6, 9). Similarly, fathers are more likely than mothers to become target 
parents”. See Part I. Some fathers “persist in their efforts to establish and maintain a meaningful post-divorce relationship with their 
children despite daunting obstacles. What motivates these men to persist in their efforts to father, 
despite rejection, calumny and protracted litigation?
" Elsewhere in the research, Dr. Conway write: “However, a significant proportion of high conflict divorce children are unable to withdraw from 
the parental fights and maintain their stance of rejection and denigration toward the target parent
 throughout adolescence."
She further adds:
"Johnston [a researcher] found that 28 to 43 percent of the 9- to 12-year-olds were in what she termed "strong
 alignments," characterized by consistent rejection and denigration of the other parent (9). Children tended to make stronger alliances with the more emotionally dysfunctional parent, who
 was more likely to be the mother. In Impasses of Divorce, Johnston described children in strong
 alignments as forfeiting their childhood by merging psychologically with a parent who was
 raging, paranoid, or sullenly depressed (6). Factors within the child which contributed to the
 formation of strong alignments were found to be: 1) need to protect a parent who was 
decompensating, depressed, panicky or needy; 2) need to avoid the wrath or rejection of a
 powerful, dominant parent (often the custodial parent on whom the child was dependent; and 3)
 need to hold onto the parent the child was most afraid of losing, for example, a parent who was
 too self-absorbed or who was only casually involved with the child."
Parental Alienation Syndrome appears to be pervasive. The [conference] audience response during a recent presentation at the Second World Congress on Family Law made it clear that PAS is a social problem in other countries such as Canada and Australia (58). The probable range of variations in the presentation of PAS is likely to change according to the opportunities and limitations of the complex network of people and agencies who become involved. Outside social systems variously have the capacity to help ameliorate PAS or to further solidify it. When alienation becomes complete, it can amount to a de facto termination of parental rights. This includes the fact that PAS children experience the loss of nuclear and extended family, in addition to other long-term, detrimental effects. The judgments that courts and professionals make are difficult, complex and have far reaching consequences."
See links on the left for more information sources on this subject.

- 11.28.2008: “EVIDENCE OF CORRUPTION IN THE JUDICIAL NOMINATING COMMISSION”, “Prosecutor Lashes Judge”, “Former Family Court Judge's Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Pop Up”, “OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE INVESTIGATION”, “FBI Probes Threats on Federal Witnesses in NY Ethics Scandal”, NY Court Clerk Arrested On Filing Fraud”, “Speaking of Funny Court Filings, 'Pirro Cost Westchester Millions'”, “Debate Over Judicial Pay Ignores Widespread Corruption”, “Prosecutor Says Lawyer's Acts were Brazen Efforts to Corrupt and Subvert the Legal System”, “Editorial: Drain the Ethics Cesspool”, “Indicted NY Justice Winner Now Booked for DWI”, “Wall Street Journal on Top Prosecutor for Tammany Hall II Corruption Probe”, “Manhattan Judicial Candidates Care Little About Laws”, “Confirmed: NY's Cesspool Court System Drives Everyone to Drink”, “Pro-Corruption Federal Judge Stuns Prosecutors”, “Oh, Good! Another Judge Who Knows Exactly How to Break the Law”, “Settlement in Penis Pump Judge Case”, “Lawyer Reminds Cop He Can Be Bought, Unsuccessfully”, “NY Chief Judge Story Suggests Continuation of Corruption”, “More Insight Into New York's Useless Legal Ethics Groups”, “Casual Attitude Toward Court Corruption Now Accepted Culture”, “Attorney, without connections, disbarred”, ... For these and other examples of judicial and official corruption see exposecorruptcourts.

- 11.28.2008: A British university research study shows that “Children who spend time with their fathers have a higher IQ”. The Daily Telegraph, October 01, 2008. “Strong fatherly involvement in their early life can also improve a child's future career prospects, the research shows.” This has implications in terms of both cause and effect. In terms of cause, the forcible fatherlessness could reduce the IQ and prospects of vast number of children forcibly estranged from their fathers by the “mothers” with the connivance of the states and judicial system in order to reap financial incentives and profits. In terms of effect, this dumbing down of the children and populace would achieve the desired control of them by the federal government and the states creating a new breed of proles for their One World Government.

- 11.22.2008: Lyons, New York: John Murtari, a loving father “is practicing civil disobedience by personal sacrifice while incarcerated in the Wayne County jail. He has not eaten or had any water since he was arrested Monday night for driving without a license. On Friday Murtari was moved to the medical ward where they could monitor his health more closely.” During the past few years John has been, as multitude of fathers are in the US, dogged by fraudulent claims and periods of incarceration under the discredited and corrupt US “child support” system whereby many “mothers” in conspiracy with the courts, county prosecutors, and other state agencies, lie, commit fraud and false accusations for profit and incentives. John “claims he doesn't owe thousands of dollar in child support the State says he owes”. Unfortunately for John and thousands of other fathers and children, corrupt state officials and miscreant judges utilise the judicial tyranny operational in the courts, not the rule of law and the Constitution. These perpetrators actually directly profit (and in conflict of interest) from denying fathers and their children their constitutional rights including but not limited to their family lives, parent-child relationships (a “highest liberty interest”- US Supreme Court) and other fundamental rights. Federal government amorally funds, encourages and feeds the greed and corruption of such state agencies as social engineering policy. John having been deprived of family life with is son, has been petitioning Hillary Rodham Clinton, junior US senator for his area. She has not only refused to help him, but also denied him any time to hear his cause, and indeed she has been the cause of some of John's earlier arrests. Senator Clinton's refusal to carry out her duty in this case as a US senator representing her constituents may not be surprising given her extreme feminist leanings and earlier contributions that have resulted in the diminution of fathers' parental rights, and destruction of the Family in the US and elsewhere!

- 11.18.2008: “McALLEN, Texas — A South Texas grand jury has indicted Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on state charges related to the alleged abuse of prisoners in Willacy County's federal detention centers.Cheney's indictment on a charge of engaging in an organized criminal activity criticizes the vice president's investment in the Vanguard Group, which holds interests in the private prison companies running the federal detention centers. It accuses Cheney of a conflict of interest and "at least misdemeanor assaults" on detainees because of his link to the prison companies.” “The indictment accuses Gonzales of using his position while in office to stop an investigation in 2006 into abuses at one of the privately-run prisons.” Could these be the reasons why multitude of innocent people are, as a matter of public policy, hauled into prisons through corrupt courts and with the acquiescence of miscreant judges without due process or any other constitutional protections !?!?!? Could they also be the reason for the US Justice Department, the FBI, and other federal agencies ignoring, in violations of their oaths of office, mandate and stated (even on their web sites!) policies, same corruption and violations by crooked judges and courts and complaint by whistle blowers and victims!?!?!?

- 11.17.2008: Child (or agency) Protection?” ' You guys do more damage to kids than the parents!” The above observation uttered by a loving parent is echoed by many. Most Child Protective Services Supervisors and caseworkers would consider it malicious slander. As a Child Protective Services caseworker of eight years, however, I know it to be true. I’m not alone.' Rich Rigney, (Child Protective Services, Coos Bay, Oregon), a case worker speaks out.
Consider the following irony lamented by Duke Law Professor, Doriane Lambelet Coleman (2006): “...in the name of saving children from the harm that their parents and guardians are thought to pose, states ultimately cause more harm to many children than they ever help.”
Few in the field argue that Child Protective Services (“CPS”) nationally has myriad problems that are well documented in the form of media, research, congressional sub-committees and expert reports.' '
However, the most grievous problem is that those who can most benefit from this knowledge, those who might use it pragmatically to improve the lives of children and families - the caseworkers and supervisors of CPS - appear either ignorant of or indifferent to the damage that removal of children perpetuates.' [Or, merely blinded by the $$$ signs that their amoral and fraudulent actions bring into the coffers of their agencies, courts, county prosecutors and the state!!!] ' That is: the most profound problem with “Child Welfare” is that it is not about the welfare of the child. Rather, it is about the welfare of the agency itself. [I]t has become undeniable that [.....] the government makes a poor parent.' 'The tragic wake of this status quo, however, is strewn with the lives of children and parents. Estimates I’ve come across in my research reckon that between one-third and two-thirds of those children currently in foster care nationally should be living with their parents.' ' In America we must accept freedom’s costs with its benefits. As Supreme Court Justice ... said, “There is nothing new in the realization that the Fourth Amendment [illegal search and seizure] protections come with a price.” This is true of many other “protections,” such as the right to procreate and parent.' 'Unfortunately, Child Welfare is not held accountable for the unattributable damage to children caused by removal from their families to foster care. However, it is well-documented damage. '

- 11.08.2008: In ever pursuit of amoral and fraudulent federal incentives to the tune of $$$100,000,000.00S per year collectively, corrupt state of of Indiana Department of “Children's Services” (“DCS”), in conspiracy with the state courts (including its appellate and supreme courts), county prosecutors and other agencies, “removes too many kids from homes,” report says. Indystar. Not only the so-called “child protection” agencies' main motive is monetary profit, but also they inflict “more damage to kids than the parents!. A view confirmed and echoed by a brave “child protective” services' case worker. The Indiana DCS, “a joke” and subject of ridicule as an agency, has been involved in and responsible for deaths of some infants recently.

- 11.05.2008: Indiana state Appellate, Supreme and Tax Courts judges who were up for re-election were returned by voters who are unaware of the corruption, case fixing, fraud, fraud upon the court, conspiracy and other violations (as evidenced) by Indiana Supreme, Appellate and lower courts including but not limited to state chief justice, RANDALL Terry Shepard (RANDELL SHEPERD). Furthermore, there is no surprise there since they were the only ones standing for those positions (reminiscent of fascist one-party system, maybe!)! Also see New York Times article. Federal and international actions against these judicial criminal perpetrators are pending.

- 11.02.2008: In a move that confirms (for example) the grip of judicial coup d'etat and corruption upon the elected institutions at state and federal levels in the United States, Dennis Ross, Chairman of the Florida House of Rep. Committee on Courts refuses to carry out his duty and “hold Judges and the JQC accountable for committing criminal offenses and refusing to investigate them and hold judges accountable to Florida Felony Laws and Protect the US Citizens residing in Florida.. Background.

- 10.31.2008: A Brooklyn, NY, 3-year-old boy abandoned by his mom dies of “unspeakable beating”, prosecutors said. In order to collect amoral monetary incentives (also see above and here) from the federal government, courts, states and their agencies such as “Child Protection” Agencies/Administration for “Children's Services” remove fit fathers from their children's lives unlawfully and unconstitutionally, and give the children, by default, to “mothers” who for financial and other reasons try to sever the bonds between fathers and the children. In the meantime, as indicated in this report (“Kyle's mom, Eugenia Holmes, 24, left the toddler in Cheatham's care ... to move to her father's home in South Carolina to get her life together,), the “mothers” having secured financial profit fail to protect and raise their children as truly loving and caring parents should/would. Similarly, it is an indictment of the corrupt “child protection” agencies (ACS) that, while profiting from the incentive kickbacks, fail to protect the children affected. In many cases courts justify their unconstitutional actions in this regard on the deceptive pretext of “best interest of the child”, but what they really mean is for the courts' and the system's own best interest!

- 10.31.2008: “DEAR ZACHARY: A LETTER TO A SON ABOUT HIS FATHER. True-life horror.TRIALS AND TRIBUTE- MEMORIAL TALE SHIFTS TO LEGAL SAGA”. A documentary film for the unborn Zachary after his dad, Andrew Bagby, a young doctor, was murdered by Zachary's pregnant mother. It depicts the horrors and inequities that fathers and children suffer in a corrupt society in which judicial corruption and bias against fathers are rife and used against them and their children to the point that even murder by “mothers” against fathers are ignored. (New York Post)

- 10.31.2008: Sheriff's posse is brought into a Bend, Oregon, courthouse to quell and evict protesters objecting to the corrupt judicial system (displayed there by the person of judge Morgan) which is all too prevalent in courts across the US both at state and federal levels. While many americans are unaware of or keep up the pretense that “rule of law” still applies in courts, yet quietly bend to and suffer at the hands of corrupt and miscreant judges, Ms. Wishon and other court watchers were bravely not having any of it. It is long overdue for people to follow the example of Ms. Wishon and insist upon the application of rule of law and the Constitution and demand the clean up of the widespread corruption in courts. (KTVZOR)

- 10.29.2008: In a rare and selective move to discipline corruption in Indiana courts, the Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications, itself a corrupt and secretive branch of Indiana Supreme Court, filed formal charges of judicial misconduct against judge Walter P. Chapala, a Senior Judge and former Judge of the LaPorte Superior Court #1, the Commission announced today. It appears that the Commission acts to discipline judges very rarely and only when the said judge “step on the wrong toes”, (e.g. see the sheriff) and if the complaint is filed by another “connected” official. This disenfranchises the vast majority of complaints filed by ordinary citizens and residents. Such discrimination by the Commission is in violation of the Constitution's Equal Protection as well as a sign of cronyism and bias in investigations. The Commission is a semi-secret and secretive arm of the Indiana Supreme Court and is headed by Chief justice Randall Terry Shepard against whom there is evidence of fraud, case fixing, conspiracy and deprivation of rights. Vast majority of citizens' complaints against judges supported by evidence have been and are ignored by the Commission.

- 10.28.2008: In playing politics with Indiana families and children, and further contribution to judicial corruption and pandering to the fraud perpetrated by the state against parents and children, Indiana governor, Mitch Daniels, announces suspension of licenses of parents who have already been deprived of family life with their children through corrupt and unconstitutional acts of Indiana courts.

- 10.28.2008: “US law 'fails to protect' corporate whistle blowers'.” Financial Times.
In further indications of the corrupt US judicial system and culture of money buying access (or in many cases blocking others from access) to justice,
' The 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which contained new pro-whistle blower provisions when it was passed in the wake of the Enron and WorldCom scandals, “has helped few whistle blowers actually achieve justice”, according to the Government Accountability Project, an advocacy group that provides legal advice to whistle blowers. Access to jury trials has proved elusive, and other institutions . . . have engaged in systematic, hostile activism against the congressional mandate,” '.

- 10.27.2008: In the case of judicial corruption in Connecticut state court and torture by state (through its prison department, MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institute in , CT), USA, against British citizen,lls) Mr. William Coleman, the American Civil Liberty Union has issued the following press release in which it “Condemns DOC Escalation of Inhumane Force-Feeding”, and appeals that “U.N. Torture Expert Should Investigate Brutal Force-Feeding Of Connecticut Inmate”. The MacDougall-Walker Prison warden is Peter J. Murphy, and deputy wardens are: Curtis Boyle, Carol Chapdelaine and Edward Maldonald. Another aspect of Mr. Coleman's case, and the fact that he is still under a torture regime in the said facility is the corruption of the state judicial system and break down of rule of law and constitution in CT state courts through judicial tyranny whereby consideration of Mr. Coleman's habeas corpus has been unconstitutionally delayed since 2005 (!) by “a three-ring circus where biased judges co-conspire with state prosecutors and wimpy public defenders who are unable to land those high paying jobs in the private sector. A habeas corpus, a constitutional right, is supposed to bring within 48 hours or thereabout the body of the accused before a lawful and legitimate court to determine the lawfulness of the accused's arrest and incarceration. Mr. Coleman is still waiting for such a determination. The absence of such habeas corpus hearing thus far can only be due to judicial corruption and attempts to cover up the prison's torture of Mr. Coleman, as well as the fact that the CT state and judicial authorities must be aware that the charges brought against Mr. Coleman are false and fixed as a result of a public policy that encourages women to lie and falsely accuse their partners to gain advantage in divorce and custody cases, not to mention amorally and fraudulently bringing federal incentive (tax payers') money to the coffers of the state, courts, county prosecutors, to the tune of $$$100,000,000.00S per year. Make no mistakes, this is not just happening to foreigners. These state perpetrated and judicially sanctioned atrocities are being carried out against thousands of fathers across the US. The corrupt judges in the case include a Rockville judge, District Judge John Nazzaro, and others.
You, as an advocate of rule of law and constitution in courts are requested to A) show your support of and solidarity with Mr. Coleman by writing to him (address below). In all written correspondence to him, please ensure that his inmate number” of 305106 is included after his name and on the envelope. And B) contact the MacDougall-Walker prison authorities and demand that they cease and desist from their torture and force-feeding of Mr. Coleman and that the warden to immediately produce Mr. Coleman's body before a legitimate court for consideration of his habeas corpus as required by the US Constitution.
MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institute, 1153 East Street, South Suffield , CT 06080, USA. Phone: (860) 627-2100 - MacDougall Building; (860) 292-3400 - Walker Building; Fax: (860) 627-2144, E-Mail; Web.

- 10.24.2008: Police arrests Donald Tenn, a father and board member of Fathers-4-Justice. Braidwood, Illinois, is a “small town” in which One's constitutional rights are completely ignored”. They completely ignore the law of the land, they have no jury and no trial, but they do have a mandatory vehicle impound law and fee of $500 and towing fee of $250,Tenn said, adding that the fees are “extortion, and a violation of the RICO Act.

- 10.21.2008: “ Big Brother database threatens to 'break the back of freedom' “. The Independent, UK. Official warns Government plans to build a giant database holding information about every phone call, email and internet visit” as those of a "Big Brother" security state.

- 10.20.2008: Excellence in Information Integrity (EII) prizes were awarded today by Information Integrity Coalition (IIC) Recognizing Organizations for their “Achievements in Improving Information Accuracy, Consistency and Reliability”. Indiana Supreme Court (IN-SC) was appropriately not one of the (Gold, Silver, Bronze) winners. Prior to today's ceremony, immediately upon learning that IN-SC had been selected as one of the 12 finalists, Dr. Sanjari and other advocates of cleaning up Indiana's judicial corruption began lobbying the IIC not to choose IN-SC as a winner due to the deliberately fraudulent and falsified information and records IN-SC creates and maintains to cover up its own corruption and criminal activities and those of Indiana's lower court judges. Hence, disqualifying IN-SC from winning a prize not only for its own criminal misdeeds, but also for lack of integrity, accuracy and reliability of its information and records and misrepresenting same in order to qualify for the competition.
In support of their lobbying, Dr. Sanjari, et al., provided information and proof of IN-SC's criminal activities and fraudulent records to the IIC board members, staff and the award's other US and international candidates.

- 10.20.2008: Women are just as likely as men to engage in partner aggression.
' [A] psychologist
reviewed hundreds of studies and concluded, “Women were slightly more likely than men to use one or more act of physical aggression and to use such acts more frequently.” ' This debunks the myth, propagated through biased and erroneous studies to the contrary.

- 10.20.2008:Dead fathers will be chased for maintenance cash”. In further unabashedly criminal and disgraceful pursuit of New World Order through the destruction of the Family, primarily by the US and UK governments, “[a]bsent fathers will be pursued beyond the grave for maintenance payments by” a “system [that already] degrades and demeans fathers, [and] treats them as cash machines and now it will do so even when they're six feet under.”, said Matt O'Connor, a founding member of the Fathers4Justice campaign group.
"There have already been people who were driven to their graves by the CSA [the failed” “Child Support” Agency]fathers who have committed suicide often because they were struggling to look after second families and couldn't cope with the demands from the CSA.” Further adding, "It won't be fathers who pay, it will be their children and families." Telegraph.co.uk.
What price the New World Order pursued by the US and UK governments in using children and their “mothers” to destroy families!?

- 10.20.2008: The hypocrisy of judicial corruption in Indiana where judges think they are, along with their superiors (Indiana Supreme Court), above the law. If Israel Nunez Cruz, Commissioner in the Marion Superior Court, and John F. Hanley, Judge of the Marion Superior Court, were ordinary people, they'd have been incarcerated for a significant time!
Furthermore, when it comes to even more serious crimes by judges, Indiana Supreme Court chips in to cover up those crimes by judges against the People of Indiana.

- 10.19.2008: It has been called “a waste of taxpayer money. But, if an ordinary person, other than a judge, had helped themselves to the unconstitutional and unlawful helpings of $10,000.00s each annually, it would have been called fraud and the person jailed. In a case brought by Judicial Watch, a California Appeals Court ruled unconstitutional the “perks and supplemental benefits” judges had been helping themselves to over years. Such is the widespread corruption, greed, fraud, abuse of power and double standards amongst the judiciary and within the judicial system.

- 10.18.2008: A Bill and Petition for Impeachment of one judge Olga H. Stickel of Elkhart Superior Court No. 4 (Elkhart, Indiana), has been filed to the Indiana House for her criminal acts and conspiracy with Elkhart county deputy prosecutor (Bruce Wells) and other state and county actors. Previously, impeachments against judge Stickel's “brethren” judges Roberts (Superior Court # 1) and Bonfiglio (Superior Court # 6) had been filed to the Indiana House. Similarly, arising from another Elkhart court case a Petition for Impeachment of judge Rex L. Reed (pictured here) had been filed by Dr. Sanjari. Criminal corruption by Elkhart county officers (of CPS, etc), prosecutor (Curtis T. Hill, Jr.) and his deputy (Bruce A. Wells), courts and judges thereof is rife and knowingly an deliberately covered up by Indiana Appellate and Supreme Courts judges. Offices of all these state actors financially profit from their decisions to commit crimes and deprivation of rights against parents, particularly fathers in their kangaroo “family” courts.

- 10.18.2008: In what amounts to torture, Osborn and MacDougall-Walker prisons in Connecticut “force-feeds” Mr. William Coleman, a British (an ex-Waterbury) man who went on hunger strike. Furthermore, “State officials prohibit media interviews about his protest, ... hunger strike or his life”. Republican American. The force-feeding comes on the heels of various types of tortures carried out in US concentration camps as well as in many of its prisons that have come to light over the past several years, and according to the American Civil Liberties Union that “is defending [Mr. Coleman's] right to engage in a hunger strike”, “violates his constitutional right of free speech and his right to refuse medical care”. [See the Constitution a “dead letter”.] The US and its states' officials have consistency tried to cover up their use of torture and atrocities upon their own and other citizens.
Mr. Coleman is protesting his 2005 conviction in Waterbury Superior Court for sexually assaulting his wife and a justice system he says is easily manipulated by spouses making accusations in the midst of custody and divorce disputes.” The small number of reports presented on this site bears witness to and confirm Mr. Coleman's assertions that the US judicial system is deeply corrupt and manipulated by women, the courts, county prosecutors, attorneys and officials of all 50 states motivated by the monetary incentive offered by the federal government. The US is knowingly and systematically conducting a campaign of removing fathers from the family and criminalising them.

- 10.18.2008: A 33-year old “mother” faces a felony identity theft charge after enrolling in a Wisconsin high school as her 15 year old daughter. Wendy Brown has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to the charge that she stole her daughter's identity to join a school's cheerleading squad.
Could such vanity and warped-mindedness be the reason for many “mothers” alienating their children from their fathers?

- 10.15.2008: The corrupt Elkhart Superior Courts (Elkhart, Indiana), in conspiracy with and through one judge Olga H. Stickel (Elkhart County, No. 4 ), have vindictively retaliated against a father who blew the whistle on their corruption by filing, amongst other things, an impeachment against judge Stickel's “brethren” judges Roberts (Superior Court # 1) and Bonfiglio (Superior Court # 6). This vindictive conspiracy by Elkhart judges has resulted in the father, Mr. Stephens, being incarcerated under contrived and fraudulent pretext to further the Elkhart county and state of Indiana's criminal acts and defrauding of parents and citizens perpetrated by the said county's judges, prosecutor (Curtis T. Hill, Jr. ) and his deputy (Bruce Wells).

Earlier impeachment had also been filed against a judge Rex L. Reed (pictured here) on another Elkhart case. Judges Roberts and Stickel are running for re-election this November 4, 2008. Elkhart, IN, voters may wish to think carefully about voting to return these two judges to the Bench for, YOUR family and children may well be next for these Elkhart judges to destroy, defraud and abuse.

- 10.13.2008: In a continuation of the conspiracy and fraud perpetrated by the US federal government, its 50 states governments and a growing number of “mothers” against fathers and their children through Title IV-D scam, yet another (Oklahoma) man has been put through the “worst” years of his life just so that the perpetrating crooks would get money from him under the fraudulent pretext of “child support” under Title IV-D. More disturbingly, the victim (the man) is not even the father of the child for whom he is supposed to pay. But indications are that even 0.0% probability of paternity does not make any difference to the perpetrators who destroy families for greed and in order to achieve their New World Order of fatherless children!?

- 10.08.2008: Subversion of the rule of law and the constitution by Indiana House of Representatives and surrendering its authority and sovereignty of people to judicial tyranny.
In further erosion and subversion of Indiana and United States constitutions and laws, Indiana House of Representatives Speaker, B. Patrick Bauer [South Bend, IN] (via his chief of staff, Patrick Cunningham) purportedly speaking on behalf of the whole House, and Judiciary Committee's Chair, Linda Lawson [Hammond and Munster, IN] fearfully cave in to and/or allow themselves to be co-opted by the judicial tyranny and corruption of Indiana judges.
Listen to the conversations (
audio Bauer , Lawson) with their offices in which they explicitly deny their responsibilities and the power and authority granted to the House by Indiana constitution (Art. 6 & 7) and laws (IC 5-8-1, et seq.) to, upon petition, investigate and file (with the Indiana Senate) Articles of Impeachment against judges who commit crimes and corruption.
By espousing such a position they betray the sovereignty of citizens of Indiana who have put their trust in their representatives in the Indiana legislature. Not only these Representatives are abdicating their constitutional and legal responsibilities, but also Speaker Bauer claims that the said unlawful and subversive position is that of ALL of the Indiana House, hence rendering and co-opting ALL other 99 of the House Representatives into the web of fear of, and/or conspiracy with, the judicial branch's tyranny. In the process, the said two legislators, and any other legislator who erroneously agrees with them, are surrendering the powers of the legislature to the judicial tyranny presided over and covered up by chief justice Randall Terry Shepard (who is standing for re-election as chief justice of Indiana and against whom there is evidence of conspiracy and cover up of fraud upon the court, fraud, constitutional deprivations, criminal activities, etc, by state judges such as judge Rex L. Reed (pictured here) of Kosciusko circuit Court, judge David C. Bonfiglio, some other judges of Elkhart Superior and Circuit Courts, some attorneys, et al.).
Representatives Bauer and Lawson refuse to act on impeachment petition on the pretext of advice by their attorneys who, apparently, have us believe the Indiana House does “not have jurisdiction” to impeach judges. This position violates Articles 6 & 7 of Indiana constitution and Indiana laws, IC 5-8-1, et seq.. The said two Representatives' position, which constitutes violation of the Indiana laws and constitution, deception of people of Indiana and abdication of their own responsibilities, is espoused on the advice of their attorneys who, as Indiana BAR members are beholden to the Indiana Supreme Court, and therefore, their advice is not only on the basis of conflict of interest, but it is erroneous, self-serving and treasonous not to mention lending itself to the conspiracy to deprive rights and cover up other crimes.
To serve as a member of the legislature, one would have to pledge allegiance to and swear to uphold the Indiana and United States constitutions. This, the above two representatives apparently have done. Yet, they do not seem to know the Indiana constitution (e.g. Articles 6 & 7), nor care for it since they willingly have surrendered, ostensibly through their attorneys, to the will of judicial tyrants and violation of their own oaths of office!

Question to other 98 members of the Indiana House of Representatives: Is the said unlawful position (regarding the House's jurisdiction and duty to impeach a judge) also espoused by you?
If not, are you going to allow yourself to be co-opted into this conspiracy to subvert Indiana laws and constitution and its citizens' sovereignty and surrender your legislative powers to the judicial tyranny?
Can Indiana citizens, specifically those in districts of South Bend and Hammond, have any confidence in their legislators to up hold and protect the laws they have formulated and ensure that they are applied even by judges? And of the latter defies the law and the constitution, are the legislators to be trusted to ensure the integrity of the Indiana laws and that of the House by impeaching corrupt and miscreant judges?

Question to Indiana Citizens: Are you going to re-elect the same individuals to the Indiana legislature when they willingly surrender its authority to judicial tyranny and crooked judges either out of fear of said judges or in conspiracy with them? Or, are you going to demand that the said Representatives to uphold your rights under the constitution and laws of Indiana and utilize their authority to impeach crooked judges who violate the same laws and constitution every day they sit on the bench resulting in the destruction of your families, fundamental rights, livelihoods, and even lives?

- 10.07.2008: Petitions for Impeachment* of judges Evan S. Roberts and David C. Bonfiglio of Elkhart Superior Courts, Elkhart, Indiana, for their pervasive criminal misconduct, have been filed in accordance with the Indiana and United States constitutions and laws with the offices of the Chairman** of the Judiciary Committee and The Speaker*** of Indiana House of Representatives with copies sent to other Indiana legislators.
* See Projects (“What You Can Do”) below.
** Linda Lawson, House Judiciary Chair, Rep., District 1, Hammond & Munster, IN, h1@in.gov .
*** B. Patrick Bauer, House Speaker, Rep., District 6, South Bend, IN, h6@in.gov .

- 09.29.2008: An open letter by the Ofume Family to Duval Patrick, Governor of State of Massachusetts regarding the conspiracy and violations of human rights and the Rome Convention on Crimes Against Humanity by President George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts and the role of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts thereupon. Philadelphia Independent Media Center.

- 08.21.2008: “Parents face a sinister threat, which is controlled, funded and supported by every state child welfare agency. Child Protective Service (CPS) agencies abuse their federally endorsed authority to destroy the lives of close to 1,000 children each and every day of the year.” “Just Who's Abusing Whom?” This is an industry, which has grown by huge proportions and must be reined in. The Gestapo type tactics currently being used by state agencies, to increase revenue from federal sources may provide jobs today for the local economy but is having a negative impact on many levels.”

- 08.19.2008: Barnstable (Massachusetts) Juvenile Court judge Carol Smith is said in affidavits relating to the DSS Care and Protection cases to have committed multiple “violation[s] of judicial canons, misconduct and violation of [her] oath to uphold the laws and the Constitution”, including “allowing perjury” and due process violations, and more. The judge is under investigation by the Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct. Article by Nev Moore, Massachusetts News.
“The Commission is interested in hearing testimony from anyone who has experienced similar problems in Barnstable Juvenile Court Care and Protection proceedings as their concern is the possibility of a consistent pattern of misconduct. Their number is (617) 725-8050, and all communications are strictly confidential.”
“The most damaging issue is the secret filing of false documents to receive federal funding.” This
fraudulent and unlawful act is understood to be a common practice in many, if not all states of the Union, in DSS, CPS and “child support” cases by judges and various state agencies in order to maximize the federal incentive they receive for destroying families.
It is hoped, expected and demanded that such prevalent unlawful (mis)conduct by judges will not be brushed under the carpet and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and Constitution.

- 08.19.2008: Rebecca Walker, daughter of the “rabid” American feminist Alice Walker, and goddaughter another American feminist Gloria Steinem, 'writes that she nearly missed out on being a mother "thanks to being brought up by a rabid feminist [mother] who thought motherhood was about the worst thing that could happen to a woman." ' Article By Hilary White, LifeSiteNews, July 30, 2008.
'It was the love of her little son and her joy at being a mother that rescued Rebecca Walker from the unhappiness of life as the neglected daughter of a feminist icon.'

- 08.16.2008: “Congress Tags Child Support as Luxury Income; Collection System an Economic Failure”, Article by Roger F. Gay, mensnewsdaily.
In a move to further confirm the federal government's complicity in destroying families and children's and their fathers' lives and rights, and to further show that its interference in the family is for nothing other than greed and social engineering, the Congress has chosen to ignore the real problems with the system and instead is, yet again, charging families money to further perpetrate the government''s atrocities under the pretense of children's interest.

- 08.16.2008: “Marriage- When will men learn? “, Article in Current, http://familycourtmafia.blogspot.com . With 3 out of 4 marriages ending in divorce and 83 percent of custody cases going to females, it is no wonder that there is a lack of willingness and feeling of despair amongst men when it comes to participating in raising their children. Most men report that they are met with fierce resistance and obstacles by not only the mother but also that of the court system that generally has little compassion or willingness to assist in their desires and wishes to remain a force in the lives of their children. 46 responses Anger over girls' strip... “

- 08.16.2008: Interview: Matt O'Conner, Founder of Fathers 4 Justice (“F4J”), by Ian Dunt, Politics.co.uk.
In this interview, which comes on the heels (Friday, the previous day) of another “Superman” father disrupting the busiest highway in the UK protesting draconian laws and treatment of fathers, Mr. O'Conner repeated his and F4J's (UK) support for direct action to bring attention the atrocities perpetrated upon children and their fathers by the government and divorce industry.
Alas, the fathers in the US do not seem to have the courage of their convictions to follow suit.

- 08.14.2008: In its continuing efforts and conspiracy to further subvert the rule of law and solidify judicial tyranny in the US, “[t]]he [American Bar Association] ABA Plots a Judicial Coup ” in the latest lawyer-led attempt to strip judicial selection from future Presidents.”, Article, Wall Street Journal, Page A12.Some bad ideas never seem to die, especially in the hands of a crafty attorney.” What we have here is According to the proposal, future federal judges would be selected not by an elected President, but with the aid of home-state Senators and a bipartisan commission [overwhelmingly, if not completely consisting of lawyers and ABA members] that would provide a list of recommended nominees for judicial vacancies. The White House would then select a candidate from the preapproved list.” In their “coup”, the ABA has “also enlisted former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor [a former US Supreme Court judge and a defender of miscreant judges and current corrupt judicial system, and a critic of judicial accountability] to push for an expansion of merit selection at the state level as an alternative to judicial elections -- which the bar loathes because voters can be so darn unpredictable.Earlier in 2007, ABA attempted to remove “appearance of impropriety” as a basis for disciplinary action against judges committing misconduct. ABA's continuing attempt and conspiracy to further pervert the course of justice and rule of law by judges must be taken seriously and urgently countered since it is taking the US judicial system into an ever darker and irreversible depth of judicial tyranny and corruption, no doubt as part of the prevailing plans to impose tighter control of the population through the said judicial corruption and tyranny.
There goes another plank of the US Constitution for, it is now but a dead-letter!

- 08.13.2008: Parental Alienation and its destruction of children re-visited. Cable TV airs “intervention” showing the real life destructive effects of Parental Alienation depicting the downward spiral of a young 21-year old woman, who was addicted to Crystal Meth and alcohol and was in danger of dying or killing someone else, as a result of suffering from Parental Alienation inflicted by her mother while growing up. The young woman who had so much potential and hope would turn literally into a wild animal whose sole purpose was to get high and stay high. When the family convened and tried to plan for the intervention to bring her back from the brink, it was acknowledged that the biggest factor for this young woman becoming an addict in the first place was the parents' divorce and furthermore the alienation that took place afterward at the hands of her mother. The mother admitted to, then, making the situation worse by limiting contact between the child and her father that the young woman, then a 9-year old girl, loved. Their would be little contact with the father and very few parenting times due to the alienation that was purposely being waged upon the girl against her father.
As the mother sat in tears recalling her role in the downfall of their daughter, there was no anger from the father or anyone else, only regret at what they had done to this girl. The girl, now a young woman, is a stripper who regularly spends her day getting high and sleeping in filth and garbage and shows little hope of turning her life around. The young woman agrees to go into rehabilitation which she gets thrown out of and then is given a choice again - either straighten up or go to jail. The girl who has over 13 years of suppressed emotions and pain stemming from her parents' divorce and forced separation from her dad, would rather do anything than face her feelings and address her issues. You can repeatedly hear the hate and anger she throws at her mother over what happened long ago. The mother just sits there and cries not knowing what to do. The father is at a loss as to how to handle things because he was given his daughter back at 18 when she was a full blown addict because the mother could not handle her anymore. (And very possibly also because the father was no longer legally responsible for child support because she was working. I wish that I could say that this story has a happy ending but it doesn't. The girl chooses jail over therapy. The very thought of dealing with feelings involving her family is too much for her to handle. After completing her jail time, she was back to getting high in 4 weeks. The sad part is that this story is being repeated every day in courthouses and homes all across the US and the pain, agony and destruction perpetrated upon the children by the very people and institutions (i.e. the courts, judges, CPS, local and federal governments) that are supposed to protect the innocent, instead they use children and their willing mothers as tools to satisfy and feed their greed and lust for control over the young and the population as a whole with the aim of their “New World Order”. The choices that we make now are going to come back to haunt us.”

- 08.13.2008: “Alienating Mom Denies Dying Man Chance to See Child”, By Glenn Sacks, American Chronicle.
“A dying man has been told by the Family Court that he may leave a "time capsule", consisting of a letter and DVD, for the 11-year-old daughter he has not seen for five years.” “
Tragically, feminist groups such as the National Organization for Women serve as enablers for alienating parents by denying that Parental Alienation [“PA”] exists”. “This case has many of the hallmarks of a classic PA case.” “I get countless letters detailing the horrors that alienating parents visit upon their exes and their children, but this story surprised even me.” In such cases “the alienating parent [mostly the mother] will raise heaven and earth to prevent the targeted parent [mostly the father] from having a relationship with the alienated child. Here the father is dying and the mother claims she doesn't believe it, and refuses to allow him to see his daughter.” “The daughter has no doubt been told that her father abandoned her.”
Alienated children are typically indoctrinated into denying existence of PA through feminists' and alienating mothers' lies that PA is “just an excuse by fathers to shirk from their parental responsibilities. This results in delayed or total absence of appropriate treatment of the alienated child.
Glen Sacks write frequently on Parental Alienation. See Archive for the 'Parental Alienation/PAS' Category including articles and interviews by alienated children, and also his article.
Parental Alienation and deprivation of father-child relationship through corrupt “family” courts are elements of the corrupt scandal of the western, primarily Anglo-Saxon societies as part of their move toward the “new World Order” and elimination of fathers' roles and enslavement of the people.

- 08.13.2008: “Speaking of Crime: The Language of Criminal Justice”, A Useful Book , especially for the Pro Se, by Lawrence M. Solan & Peter M. Tiersma.
It presents some of the vagaries of the law and judicial discrimination and deprivation of individual's rights by judges. E.g., that:
' The courts appear to accept compliance to indirect speech (e.g., "Have you a way of opening the trunk from there?") as consensual agreement [to a search]. Yet when it comes to civilians invoking the right to the presence of a lawyer through their use of indirect language (e.g., "Maybe I should think of contacting an attorney . . ."), the courts will typically not accept this as an equivocal request for an attorney to be present nor deem it a call for the cessation of further questioning.'

- 08.13.2008: "Files Show Governor Intervened With Court", by filing an Amicus Curiae with the Court, asking for a review of the case which benefited Du Pont.
Gov. Manchin a 'puppet' of DuPont's, attorney says”, by John O'Brien -Statehouse Bureau, West Virginia Record.
Industrial giant DuPont used Gov. Joe Manchin's office to skirt limitations concerning its appeal of a $382 million jury verdict, attorneys who sued the company said Wednesday.” ' "It's unforgivable that this governor would side with a corporation, with DuPont, without understanding the intricacies," said Papantonio, who represented the nearly 8,000 plaintiffs who lived in or around Spelter and alleged that DuPont dumped arsenic, cadmium and lead at a nearby plant.' “Manchin filed his brief June 24, and records show that he had met with a DuPont official and attorney three weeks earlier. Also, “he spoke on the phone in Nov. 2007, less than a month after the Harrison County Circuit Court verdict, with DuPont's chief executive, the New York Times reported.”
Is there any wonder that multitude of people, especially individuals and pro ses, do not receive legal redress and rule of law, much less justice, in courts in this country!

- 08.13.2008: D.C. Festival 2008 (August 15 & 16) for Equal Protection Under the Law, Family Preservation and Preservation of Rights of Children to Equal Life and Time With Both of Their (separated / divorced) Parents. For information to get involved and go there, contact DC Festival 2008 (toll-free at 800-883-9619), or F4J.

- 08.13.2008: “Police Turn to Secret Weapon: GPS Device” , Article By Ben Hubbard, Washington Post, Page A01. 'Across the country [US], police are using GPS devices to snare thieves, drug dealers, sexual predators and killers, often without a warrant or court order. Privacy advocates said tracking suspects electronically constitutes illegal search and seizure, violating Fourth Amendment rights of protection against unreasonable searches and seizures, and is another step toward George Orwell's Big Brother society [“1984”]. Law enforcement officials, when they discuss the issue at all, said GPS is essentially the same as having an officer trail someone, just cheaper and more accurate.' ' "We don't really want to give any info on how we use it as an investigative tool to help the bad guys," said [...] a Fairfax [VA] police spokeswoman.
These days, with the rampant and officially sanctioned unlawful and unconstitutional violations by state and federal agencies, it is not clear who the “bad guysare anymore, those in the uniform and/or black suits, or the members of public!
P.S. If anyone is naive or unaware enough to dismiss such concerns as “paranoia”, “conspiracy theory”, etc, then they should just look into the laws, tools and technologies started under innocuous pretexts and then utilised by the government (e.g. see “RFID” in clothing, 08.13.2008, in this section) to deprive people's liberties, rights and privacy!

- 08.13.2008: Is Big Brother going to identify and track your movements everywhere through your clothes, shoes, and other apparel using RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification technologies?
Dr. Katherine Albrecht, the Harvard-educated privacy campaigner featured in the film "Freedom to Fascism" and co-author of the bestselling book "Spychips," will be on-hand to speak to attendees [of ] ["RFID in Fashion" conference] arriving for the opening keynote this
afternoon at NYC's Fashion Institute of Technology.' Dr. 'Albrecht planned today's protest after discovering the conference would promote the use of RFID in individual clothing items. Known as "item-level tagging," the practice of placing RFID tags on consumer items
(rather than on crates or pallets in a warehouse) has been widely condemned by privacy and security experts. Experts caution that such tags pose huge privacy and safety risks to the public. Used to track inventory in warehouses, RFID tags can easily be used to track people as well – a fact that can be exploited by marketers, government agencies, and criminals. IBM, for example, has patented RFID "person tracking units" for placement in walls and floors to allow marketers and government agents to secretly monitor people's movements. They suggest using the devices in public spaces like shopping malls, theaters, elevators, and restrooms once RFID is implemented at the item level.' Review this and other related articles such as Microchip-Induced Tumors in Laboratory Rodents and Dogs: A Review of the Literature 1990–2006 by Dr. Albrecht, et al..
P.S. If anyone is naive or unaware enough to dismiss such concerns as “paranoia”, “conspiracy theory”, etc, then they should just look into the laws, tools and technologies started under innocuous pretexts and then utilised by the government (e.g. see “Police Turn to Secret Weapon: GPS Device”, 08.13.2008, in this section) to deprive people's liberties, rights and privacy!

- 08.12.2008: Video and information regarding some of the many forms of gender discrimination against men and fathers including, but not limited to, The Anti-Father Police State, Paternity Fraud, False Accusations, Criminal Bias, Men's Health, Gender Bias Regarding Domestic Violence, The Selective Service: Discrimination. Tyranny and Genocide Against Males, Education, Wage Gap, ... .
The purpose? In preparation for the New World Order” maybe?!

- 08.12.2008: Little Rock, Arkansas- 'A [courageous] state police investigator [Special Agent Rick Newton] ... appeared before a legislative committee, held his badge in the air and put the director of the Children Family Services Division on notice that he is conducting a criminal investigation into the deaths of four foster children. 'After the meeting, Department of Human Services Director John Selig contacted the governor’s office.' 'Selig declined to discuss that conversation.' Afterwards, the courageous 'state police investigator drew [negative?] attention Monday from his supervisors and the governor’s office'! Article By Amy Upshaw, Arkansas Online®.
No wonder that investigations and law suits against miscreant CFSD, CPS, judges Human Services and other corrupt state employees do not get anywhere and victims do not get any redress! Listen for that phone call on the CFSD employee or the “
brethrenjudge to hush up and cover up their corruption. Conspiracy of silence (at best) or active muzzling and retaliation by the system abounds in US courts and state and federal “family” agencies. There needs to be more such courageous officers to expose and investigate the corruption in such state and federal agencies.

- 08.12.2008: “Electronic cuffs planned for dads ”, “I don't see any safeguards. This presumes men guilty”. Article WorldNetDaily.
In a move confirming that the US has already become a police state (a la 1984” by George Orwell, [The US state of] ' Illinois has joined a growing contingent of states [Washington, Utah, Minnesota, Colorado, Michigan, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida and Massachusetts] to adopt a law [that]carries a presumption of guilt”, “without the benefit of a trial[and], that will put electronic GPS tracking bracelets on men who have not been convicted of any crime, but might be involved in a messy divorce.' ' A recent article by two leaders of the State Bar of California's Family Law Section said such orders "are increasingly being used in family law cases to help one side [almost always by women] jockey for an advantage in child custody.” And the Illinois Bar Journal has described them as part of the "gamesmanship" of divorce.' But, ' the full impact of Illinois' new law is that judges can order anyone – mostly men and fathers – to wear a GPS tracking device if they simply are accused of violating an order of protection, with no court conviction or adjudication required.' Fathers rights ' organization[s] will work with lawmakers to make them aware of the potential pitfalls of their new law and will watch cases as they develop to pursue a court challenge to its constitutionality.'
Such unconstitutional laws including those unconstitutionally and fraudulently removing fathers from their children's lives are used by corrupt courts to harness federal incentive money for judges, counties and states as well as furthering the goal of the US federal government in controlling the population in its move toward the “New World Order”.

- 08.12.2008: This video discusses the “real” purpose behind creation of the European Union (“EU”)- En route to the “New World Order” ?!

- 08.12.2008: Parental Alienation and other bullying by “mothers.
“Anyone concerned about the use of torture at Guantanamo Bay ought to be protesting these use of torture in American
[whimsically named “family”] courtrooms”, by John Maguire, Mens News Daily.
“In several books [...], certain feminist writers have identified and painted a full picture of the way girls between ten and 14 bully each other though exclusion, back-biting, and other ways to destroy the victim’s relationship with her friends.” This, in later life, is exhibited through mothers inflicting parental alienation upon their children and against the children's fathers. 'Among the key books on relational aggression are Odd Girl Out, by Rachel Simmons, and Queen Bees and Wannabees by Rosalind Wiseman. To quote Simmons:
“There is a hidden culture of girls’ aggression in which bullying is epidemic, distinctive, and destructive. It is not marked by direct physical and verbal behavior that is primarily the province of boys. Our culture refuses girls access to open conflict, and it forces their aggression into nonphysical, indirect and covert forms. Girls use backbiting, exclusion, rumors, name-calling, and manipulation to inflict psychological pain [e.g. Parental alienation] on targeted victims. Within the hidden culture of aggression, girls fight with body language and relationships instead of fists and knives. ” '

- 08.12.2008: Dallas, TX- “Dad wins custody of abused girl.”, Article By JON NIELSEN / The Dallas Morning News.
A court gives the children to Father instead of sending them back to abusive Mom or (gasp) Child Protective Services! This is a start. Someday, we will read news that such abusive mothers are punished for their actions. And, someday, we will read news that each parent,irrespective gender, should they desire it and barring any evidence of abuse, will receive equal custody of each child of divorce.

- 08.12.2008: Connecticut- “State Legislators Plan Investigation Of DCF, - By JON LENDER, Courant. Angered by problems such as rising costs and the use of potentially dangerous restraints at the state's psychiatric hospital for children, legislators are planning an investigation into the performance of the Department of Children and Families.”
There should be investigation into all DCF / CPS branches in all states for their use and abuse of children and families to satisfy their greed and federal incentive money.

- 08.10.2008: The National Organization of Women (“NOW”), a feminist group with extreme anti-man and anti-father ideology, opposes laws helping fathers to maintain parent-child relationship with their children. “America's fight against poverty has a growing hole. Some say it's time to pay attention to the people falling through it: men.”, “Missing men”, “ by Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow, Boston Globe.
Proposed new laws and policies, opposed by NOW, are hoped to “foster more stable families, and ultimately greater support and opportunities for a new generation of children”.
Fathers are routinely and on a daily basis financially decimated and sunk into poverty throughout the country by unconstitutional, draconian and discriminatory laws (supported by NOW) and their application by the whimsically named “family” courts which have vested financial interest in so doing, not least for receiving federal kidnap “incentive” money that benefit the very same judges, courts, prosecutors, counties and states that perpetrate such human rights atrocities upon children and their fathers.

- 08.09.2008: “Rethinking Fathers’ Rights”- “Much of what's wrong with family law today lies in warmed-over stereotypes of men as unsuited to caring for their children.”, By Dahlia Lithwick, Newsweek.
In its criticism of fathers, Ms. Lithwick's article seems to display a lack of understanding, typical of members of the media, of the underlying issues which include, but are not limited to, the massive financial benefits ($Billions annually) through unconstitutional federal incentives to the states and their courts involved in depriving fathers of their parental and constitutional rights and life with their children. Because of the political and financial benefits that all three branches of the government and states gain from the stacked cards against fathers and their parental rights, normal and "quiet" process of changing the unconstitutional laws and practices thereupon is all but closed and not viable for fathers. What is needed is a course more attuned to that of the Civil Rights Era if fathers are going to gain their natural and constitutionally protected equal and parental rights. Furthermore, the article rightly suggests that "we need to hear" more stories from fathers who do not follow Mr. Rockefeller's course of actions. Yet, another issue the article displays a lack of understanding of is that it is the media which the article should be addressing in this regard, not the fathers given the media's woeful disregard of plight of the very “quiet” fathers who constantly try to present their cases of judicial misconduct and bias to the media and end up facing almost always only media's indifference and disinterest and sometimes even their hostility which can only be assumed as a sign of media's systematic bias against fathers. Unless, of course, an event occurs that shows fathers in a negative light which, in this day and age, with the compliant media ever ready to bash fathers, could mean any excuse that "mothers" (who benefit from financial incentives of unequal parenting orders by the courts) find to complain and blame fathers for at which point, the media can not jump high enough to highlight the story. Is it, then, any wonder that some fathers feel they have to resort to such acts, as reclaiming their children, to highlight the human rights atrocities of the system?!
After all, equal parental rights are both a natural and constitutionally protected rights that the system through its courts violates every day in this country to the detriment of children and their parents, not to mention the society at large.

- 08.09.2008: Toronto, Canada- Spider-Man Plywood Man protests- "I want to see my kid,", Plywood Man demands. Toronto Sun. He has been deprived of his parental rights and life with his child, who lives with his female parent. "Fathers 4 Justice [Canada] ... will tirelessly promote every child's right to be raised by both parents on an equal basis in the event of separation and or divorce," their website says. Also see Newsweek for similar articles.

- 08.08.2008: The brave "Carolina Nickel" is one of few courageous publications that dare put the real issues out and expose judicial and official atrocities upon the Family and violations of the law to the public. And it does, in spite of potential retaliation and commercial risk, stand openly for the rule of law on a regular basis. It should be an example to many individuals and (particularly “mainstream”) media outlets.
We wish there were more such publications, publishers and ordinary people to help save the fabric of the society, i.e. the Family, and stand for the rule of law and the Constitution in the courts. Of particular interest in this issue (Vol. 35, No. 13) of the Carolina Nickel are the Back Cover and page 4 (an essay by Dr. Sanjari). However, let's make such brave publications (more) successful and flourish in any which way that we can. Please read and distribute widely.

- 08.08.2008: “For 'Maverick' Federal Judges, Life Tenure Is Largely Unfettered License, BY NATHAN KOPPEL. “Life tenure for federal judges aims to give them the independence to do what is right -- not protect them while doing wrong.”
A string of recent transgressions by a federal judge in Los Angeles has some questioning whether the federal bench can adequately police itself.”
This article discusses an extremely tiny proportion of misconduct and corruption by judges (both in state and federal courts) who feel protected by judicially-assigned immunity, i.e. by putting themselves above the law.

- 08.08.2008: “Should Supreme Court Justices Have Life Tenure?”, Wall Street Journal Blog Asks.
The answer is that the current set of US Supreme Court justices need and must be removed immediately for the good of the country.
The replacements should be appointed with a one-time term (most appropriately of 10 years). Furthermore, any new appointee must be required to adhere to the Constitution for the United States and, in turn, require lower federal and state courts to adhere to the Constitution which is the basis of the authority of all of the said courts and judges. The current occupants of the US Supreme Court, in spite of their sometime high-minded utterances, not only have failed in their duties, committed misconduct and other constitutional violations, but also they have miserably failed in requiring lower federal courts and state courts to adhere to the Constitution and even to the Supreme Court's own directives. Hence, only paying lip service to the rule of law while it itself does (and by allowing both federal and state courts to) continue to commit misconduct and violate people's constitutionally protected rights. For Dr. Sanjari's input see the blog for August 08, 2008. Limited term appointment for justices was earlier proposed in 2004 by scholarly works of James E. DiTullio and John B. Schochet (of University of Virginia School of Law).

- 08.08.2008: Bristol, United Kingdom- A group of Father 4 Justice, in a protest (video) demanding equal treatment and respect for their equal parental rights by “Family Court” judges, entered such a court asking to talk with the judges who continue to violate fathers' rights and deprive them of life with their children. The judges not only refused to talk with the group, but also they also in a cowardly action left the building. Fire alarms were set off, and the building was evacuated. The group also entered a bank, HSBC, that, they say, collaborate with the system's violations against their parental rights. The international protests by fathers for their parental rights and children are in distinct contrast to absence of same in the US. The question is if such an absence is the result of dictatorial and oppressive laws in the US, or there are other reasons!

- 08.08.2008: “A Practice Guide: Making Child Support Orders Realistic and Enforceable” National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ). February 2008.
Twenty-six percent of American children under the age of 18 are growing up in single parent households. An additional fifteen percent live in blended families. Absence of a parent is the leading cause of poverty among children; absence of a parent is also increasingly correlated to acts of juvenile
delinquency. High rates of divorce, separation, and out-of-wedlock birth have transformed the setting in which children are raised. This overwhelms the courts, child support agency and the welfare system
.” [And, experience and facts show that judges are one of the primary causes of this plight.]
State courts are inextricably intertwined with the success and perceived justice [!?] of the child support enforcement system. With powerful and largely administrative enforcement tools research and policy debates have refocused on key decision points that appear to make a critical difference in ensuring child support is the economic linchpin to family self-sufficiency that the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA or “Welfare Reform”) intended it to be.'
Interesting “Guide” with relevant reference information.
Keep in mind the NCJFCJ's crimes (below) which they bought off with $300,000.00 to the DOJ. Compare this “Guide” with the “Magic Fountain” article (07.29.2008 entry below) to see the NCJFCJ's hypocrisy and their deliberate destruction of the family for their greed and federal incentives.

- 08.08.2008: April 30, 2008- “The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges is a 70-year-old [criminal] organization comprised of members from every state in the country. Our mission is to ensure that each judge who handles juvenile or family matters has the education, training and technical assistance to assist families when they are most in need.” [I.e., indoctrinate judges into violating and ignoring the law and the Constitution and destroy families by removing fathers from their children's lives in order to rake in federal incentive $$Millions].
“In April, the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
(“NCJFCJ”) agreed to pay $300,000 to the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) in full settlement of allegations that had been raised about how NCJFCJ recorded staff time on federally funded projects, and allegations about possible conflicts of interest.” [I.e., NCJFCJ bought off the DOJ not to continue their investigation of NCJFCJ's crimes and fraud].From the very beginning, NCJFCJ fully cooperated with the DOJ in its review and in the ultimate resolution of these issues. We took these allegations seriously as NCJFCJ is committed to ensuring that our administrative standards and training policies are of optimum quality. We have addressed all the concerns raised by the DOJ, and by putting into place some administrative changes, have ensured that the DOJ will not have such concerns again.”
Although we have and continue to dispute the characterization of some of these concerns, we determined that it was in the best interests of the NCJFCJ and its long relationship with the DOJ to settle these issues and resolve the DOJ’s concerns. This allowed us to focus on improvements to our administrative procedures and to continue doing the quality work that helps judges all over the country. There was no admission of liability in the settlement agreement.  We are now in a position to move forward and are pleased that DOJ is fully satisfied with the measures we have taken.
Our Executive Director, Mary Mentaberry, is a long-standing dedicated public servant who has worked tirelessly to improve the administration of the organization. She has the support and confidence of the entire Board of Trustees and I, personally, am proud to have her as a colleague and friend, as well as Executive Director of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.
The NCJFCJ looks forward to a long future of cooperation with the DOJ on the important issues of improving America’s juvenile and family justice system.
Honorable Susan B. Carbon
Supervisory Judge, Concord Family Division, Concord, NH
President, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
April 30, 2008”

- 08.08.2008: “Economics of Judicially Induced Family Decline” And “Why No One Wants to Hear Me Any More”. By Stan Rains, a father.
When one carefully looks at the de-construction of our economy, one will find in almost every venue the commonality of the destruction of the family through destruction of the fathers. This money is very expensive money. Each dollar they stole costs 100s of dollars in damages.

- 08.08.2008: 'Spider-Man' and 'Plywood-Man' scale Layton's roof as part of a Day-long protest by members of Fathers 4 Justice. Witnesses reported seeing a man dressed as Spider-Man on the roof of an office building on Broadview Avenue, Toronto, Canada. Another man, referred to as 'Plywood-Man,' was also seen on the roof. The two are members of the Fathers 4 Justice, who had been behind some other well publicised protests, such as one at Buckingham Palace. "F4J Canada believes, and will tirelessly promote, every child's right to be raised by both parents on an equal basis in the event of separation or divorce, and further believes that such equality in parenting has been clearly shown to be in the best interests of children.", says Fathers 4 Justice website. The photos of the men dressed as superheroes protesting at locations across Canada may be found on their website.

- 08.07.2008: US Inaction and Elections and Matt O'Connor, Founder, Fathers 4 Justice.
Last year I discussed with Warren Farrell how fathers activists could disrupt or heckle presidential candidates during rallies. I had also said to people that 'Fathers 4 Justice' was by definition, when I founded it in December 2002, a direct action group - not a talking shop or charity.
Last year it took two British activists to risk life, limb and liberty to lay the path down for American dads to follow when they scaled the Lincoln memorial. Yet where are the American men to fill these empty shoes?
We have seen protesting Americans arrested in Tiananmen Square this morning, global warming protestors on the Golden Gate Bridge (another idea of ours), women like Rosa Parks lead by example when protesting against discrimination yet where are all the fathers who proclaim that they would do anything for their kids?
Some people say well it's different over here in the US to Britain.
Fuck off.
Is it different in Tiananmen Square, for global warming protestors or Rosa Parks? I don't think so.
In the words of the Joker in the Dark Knight, 'Did your balls drop off?'

The bottom line is that with the right people running the show in the US, I am convinced that American dads would rise to the occasion and demonstrate their undoubted love for their kids.
At the moment though, the longer this goes on, the more we squander the opportunity to use the Presidential elections to win publicity for our cause, 'to make the injustice visible', the more we condemn the new fathers entering the system to suffer the same injustice.
What is worse is that you have the brain power to do this. You have the intellectual back up in Stephen Baskerville, Glenn Sachs, Warren Farrell, Tom Golden etc!
It doesn't have to be this way but it is down to you to write your own history. You don't have to be the United States of Eunuchs, you can be the United States of Fatherhood and demonstrate to the children of the world that American dads would do ANYTHING for their kids.
That American dads will lead the world.
Go get em.
Matt O'Connor,
Founder, Fathers 4 Justice

- 08.06.2008: Cambridge, United Kingdom- 'A study published today by the University of Cambridge suggests that the tide of public opinion is turning against the view that women can "have it all". It finds that in Britain and the United States there is "mounting concern" that women who play a full and equal role in the workforce do so at the expense of family life.' The Independent, UK.
The article curiously seems to overly empathize with women in spite of the pendulum having swung to the extreme against men and families in family matters and law by women who want it all and “having it all” at the expense of the family and children. What remains is that ultimately it is the children and the concept of Family that suffer in the process of women achieving their superiority in society in bringing about the “New World Order”.

- 08.04.2008: Exposing judicial misconduct and corruption in US Courts. - “An effort in the U.S. Supreme Court to expose judicial misconduct- In Chamber” application to the Justices for injunctive relief and a stay order in the DeLano case, 06-4780-bk, CA2. This application exposes one of many instances of fraud, conspiracy and other judicial misconduct in and by US courts including Bankruptcy Courts.

- 08.04.2008: Memphis, TN- “Convicted Killer Gets Custody of Kids”, By Current.
Welcome to the “New World Order”!
Yet another indication of the corruption and gender bias against fathers in the courts all over the US having got so out of control,
a “Killer ... convicted of voluntary manslaughter in the 2006 shooting death of her minister husband, has taken custody of [their] three daughters”, whereas loving, caring and fit fathers are routinely deprived of their natural and constitutional parental rights, no doubt primarily for the greed of the courts and the states destroying families while reaping federal kidnap money incentives.

- 07.30.2008: “The South Dakota Amendment E”, The 'Piece (by Gary Zerman, Esq.) Slate Magazine Refused [to provide “equal time”] to Publish' regarding prevalent judicial misconduct and the need for judicial accountability and in 'reply to Bert Brandenburg’s (Executive Director, Justice At Stake -JAS), two Slate pieces “Rushmore to Judgment,” March 14, and “Bench-Clearing Brawl,” July 28, 2006..'.

- 07.30.2008: A Petition for Impeachment* of Judge Rex L. Reed** (pictured here) of Kosciusko county, Indiana, along with a supporting Notice of Felony* that includes evidence of his pervasive criminal misconduct, were filed in accordance with the Indiana and United States constitutions and laws with the office of the Chairman*** of the Judiciary Committee of Indiana House of Representatives with copies sent to other relevant Indiana legislators as well as to the Executive branch. A press release is also issued and disseminated extensively in Indiana and nationally to the media and other organizations, bodies and relevant federal agencies such as law enforcement and those providing federal funding to States.
* These documents maybe used as templates for filing impeachment against any federal or any of the states' judges or officials. Appropriate modifications required for each case. See
projects or Contact Dr. Sanjari.
** Could this be the same
Rex Leroy Reed who has not got any father listed, although there are listings for mother (Ethel Rose Lewis, 1890 – 1978) and wife (Velma Iola Stokes)!? Could Reed's criminal atrocities on the bench against fathers before his court in violation of the Indiana and US laws and Constitution be a manifestation of his psychological condition resulting from fatherlessness! Studies show that to be very likely!
*** Linda Lawson, House Judiciary Chair, Rep., District 1, Hammond & Munster, h1@in.gov .

- 07.29.2008: “Magic Fountain”, "The Law and Economics of Child Support Payments", By William S. Comanor, Published by Edward Elgar Publishing, 2004 ISBN 1843761211, 9781843761211. “A veritable Goldmine of information arguing against the current Child Support system and its enforcement.”
This book deals with a lot on this and related issues. The book is dated [2004] but, it will surprise you at how much data even at the time of the publishing of this book showed that most men did not intentionally avoid child support. On the page 135 of this online book review, it clearly states that in 1992 66% of women self reporting on why the fathers of their children did not pay child support stated because the father could not afford it. So, where was the Bogey Man Millionaire Playboy for whom the laws were designed”?, says a reviewer.
On page 136, ' Family Court judge L. Mendel Rivers, Jr. explained:
           “The problem is, chronic non-supporters do not have dependable jobs, nor tax refunds,
           nor sizaeble property. That's why they are chronic.
           As crude as it sounds, the one remedy that almost always works is incarceration. We
           family court judges call it '
the magic fountain.'...
           Of course, there is no magic. The money is paid by his mother, or by the second wife,
           or by some other innocent who perhaps had to liquidate her life's savings.

The theory is that child support is supposed to be set to meet the child's needs within the limits of the obligor's ability to pay. When the difference between theory and reality is so great that the required revenue can only be generated through
medieval kidnappings for ransom in the style of Judge Rivers, the system must ultimately collapse of its own weight. This is exactly what is happening. '

- 07.29.2008: Erin Pizzey, champion of women's rights, says radical feminist plans to let victims of domestic abuse get away with murder are an affront to morality. Ms. Pizzey rebukes Harriet Harman, the British acting Prime Minister, for advocating what amounts to cold blooded murder. By Erin Pizzey, Daily Mirror. Full Article.
“Effectively, what Harman and the ultra-feminist lobby want is a licence for women to kill.”, Ms. Pizzey wrote referring to it as “a perverse new moral code”, adding “Only in the warped mindset of feminist radicals should we protect the vulnerable by downgrading our moral abhorrence of murder.” while expressing 'an outrage that thanks to Ms Harman, feminists such as Bindel can influence public policy'.
As correct as Ms. Pizzy is, she may not appreciate that these abhorrent acts and policies, which also include unlawful and amoral removal of fit fathers from their children's lives, are pervasive in the United States already and are being advocated by the British and US governments world wide in order to undermine and destroy the last bastion and fabric of society, i.e. The Family, which is seen by the perpetrators and those pulling the strings as an obstacle to the New World Order and their control of it.

- 07.28.2008: On July 28, 2008, Boston father, Clark Rockefeller, took charge of his 7-year old daughter in Boston in an attempt to re-assert his constitutional and natural parental rights which had been removed from him unconstitutionally by the corrupt “family” courts (based upon information available). Based upon known information, Mr. Rockefeller is a loving and fit parent, yet the FBI (1) and the media (1) have portrayed the event as a child “kidnapping”, an absurd accusation given that the child is his daughter, and unless and until proven otherwise in a competent court of law (as opposed to “family” court with vested interest- Title IV-D “incentives”, etc), as a fit father, Mr. Rockefeller (described by witnesses who know him as "... he's a gentleman. He's a kind man. Polite. Very, very intelligent, ...") has every right and expectation to have and exercise his equal parental rights. Despite and beneath the veneer of the media misrepresentations and the FBI (1) listing Mr. Rockefeller as “wanted” (apparently for “kidnapping”) in regard to this incident, it appears that the only “danger” that the child may be in is being so-loved by his father given the statements by Aileen Ang, the lady driver who drove them from Boston to New York, as Mr. Rockefeller and his daughter being “good with each other,” and appeared to be playing together in the back seat of the car. She added that she heard little Reigh say Daddy I love you” as she rode in the back seat, and the father retorting, that he loved her more!
He is thought to have left for abroad with his daughter. Objective observers favouring the rule of law and the Constitution in determining post-divorce parental rights and their application in the US courts wish Mr. Rockefeller and his daughter best of luck and a peaceful and prosperous future together.
The states and federal governments and their instruments of parental oppression and repression in courts may note that loving fathers will not stand for the continued deprivation of their children's rights, their own rights and family life with their children!
The recorded documents and by its own actions, FBI has shown that it is not interested in combating crimes against the People, and that it appears their “law enforcement” activities are directed at those who come up against State and its instruments of oppression and repression. And given that the oppression of fathers begins in “family” courts, a natural outcome is that the “law enforcement” actions will continue the said oppression and repression aided and abetted by the media disinformation and misrepresentation of the news and the truth.

- 07.27.2008- Yet another child death due to Indiana's “children and families” agency.
“Baby placed in foster home despite warnings.”
By Tim Evans, IndyStar . “Documents obtained by The Star show child advocate repeatedly raised concerns about safety of couple's home. The state agency responsible for protecting children once again is facing accusations that it failed to act on repeated warnings in the weeks preceding the death of a child.” Full Article.
Yet again, the Indiana “Child Protection” Services (CPS) and “Department of Children and families” (DCF) show that they only remove children for profit and greed incentives. Their actions or inaction are selective and prejudiced and are indicative of a policy and tendency to maximize the incentive profit instead of truly caring for children and families.

- 07.24.2008: “LIFE WITH BIG BROTHER”
“U.S. government: We know parenting better than you. Proposals would give Washington unprecedented control over kid.”
By Chelsea Schilling © 2008 WorldNetDaily.
Could this be a pending pretext for continuous monitoring in every home (given the record of the “child support” enforcement, CPS, DCF and “family courts”? George Orwell (“1984” and “Animal Farm”) would have felt vindicated!

- 07.23.2008: “It is a story of fractured families, empty bank accounts and missing money.” By Chuck Goudie, ABC News Team, Chicago, IL. So, what else is new where there are the hands of corrupt state and federal agencies involved in deliberately destroying families! State of Illinois, through its Department of Healthcare and Family Services, “cleaned out [a father's] entire [$$1000.00s in] bank account [in his absence at work] for [what is whimsically termed as] child support”. They “took it all”, “100 percent of [his] income”. The human rights atrocities and constitutional violations by the (all 52) state and federal governments to satisfy their insatiable greed as well as their hunger for control have made them careless in their actions under the guise of “child support” which is nothing short of day light robbery from parents and their children and destroying the victims lives. Notwithstanding the unconstitutional and amoral nature of the states and federal governments' actions, the “[m]ost puzzling [in this particular case as well as in many others] is what happened to all that money the state seized from his account in June. The boy's mother said she hasn't seen any of it.”!
Could it be that the State of Illinois has, as is customarily and routinely done by all states, once again, defrauded yet another family and the money has gone into its and its agencies' coffers as “undistributed” collected funds, a whimsical term for simply the State robbing families?!

- 07.23.2008: Commendations go to Mayor Tom Dolan and the City of Sandy City, Utah for having recognized and proclaimed that fathers and mothers have equal rights to life with their children and that the best parent is both parents for the children and that children have the right to both parents in their lives. Further congratulations to the Mayor and the Sandy City for proclaiming to uphold these natural, fundamental and legal rights of both parents.
Which other community, city and state in this country has the courage, fortitude and political will to put aside its greed and ignore (opposing) pressure groups and follow the example of Mayor Dolan and Sandy City????????????

- 07.23.2008: Connecticut Supreme Court Rules Against DCF in 5-0 Ruling.
Staff Writers- Connecticut DCF Watch
“Hartford, CT - The Connecticut State Supreme Court ruled against DCF in a 5-0 ruling [that] willfully denied Earl B. a hearing in regards [to] the Connecticut Juvenile Training School. Earl B. was just a notch in
DCF's belt so they can trigger their Federal funding. Earl B. meant nothing to DCF or the Assistant Attorney Generals involved in this case. It's not a surprise that DCF knowingly wants to deny both child and parent their due process of rights. The Supreme Court got this right.
Below is the link to the ruling.
Case Name: Earl B. v. Commissioner of Children and Families; Case No: SC18063”
Connecticut DCF Watch can be reached at:
Forestville, CT 06011,
860-833-4127, www.connecticutDCFwatch.com , E-Mail: admin@connecticutDCFwatch.com

- 07.09.2008: Indiana Appellate Court issued an opinion ruling that paternity, when obtained through fraud, can be rescinded .
On 08 July 2008 the Indiana Court of Appeals issued an opinion in the Paternity of M.M. in which a man had been defrauded into believing he was the father and had paternity testing showing that he was not the father. Elkhart Superior Court, under judge David Bonfiglio, denied his petition to rescind paternity stating that allowing a man who was defrauded into believing he was the father to rescind paternity and not pay child support would go against public policy. Apparently, in the opinion of judge Bonfiglio, another Elkhart crooked and miscreant judge (see below and here), the Indiana public condones fraud and criminal deception and is happy to benefit from fruits of crime. The honorable people in Indiana should and must be alarmed and disgusted by, and vote out judges like Bonfiglio who destroy families and benefit (under Title IV-D federal incentive to courts, States and county prosecutors) from crime in the name of the people of Indiana.
Another interesting aspect of the case (see opinion) is that the mother, whom the Appellate court agreed had committed fraud, was represented by the Attorney General of State of Indiana paid for by Indiana tax payers on their behalf. It is the same A-G, Mr. Stephen Carter who has defended crooked and criminal Indiana judges in state and federal courts paid for by the Indiana tax payer.
Indiana, stand up to and show these crooks in black robes and their protectors in State offices that you are a better people than they take you for and represent you to the world as!

- 06.23.2008: State of Indiana (USA) Uses Federal Agency to Harass Citizens And Silence Father of Two Children It Unlawfully Kidnapped .The State of Indiana (IN), USA, is amongst 50 States in the United State that resort to unlawful abduction and abuse of children in order to profit from federal incentives (42 U.S.C. 651 to 669b - Title IV-D). Amongst the children the State of Indiana has unlawfully kidnapped, are two British children whose abduction was perpetrated in 2001 by Elkhart county, IN, under false pretext, unlawfully and fraudulently...(continued here).

- 06.06.2008: New Hampshire Governor, John Lynch, “is allowing his constituents' families - such as Elena's - to be destroyed - for federal funds!”
Elena Katz is under arrest for removing her diabetic daughter from the clutches of the federal “incentive” profit seeking “Child Services” in New Hampshire. Elena's daughter will be taken into custody of NH DCYS that “almost killed the girl on three occasions”.

- 05.25.2008: Mother 'says her children were essentially kidnapped by Governor Jennifer Granholm, Attorney General Mike Cox, and various judges, administrators and doctors [of state of of Michigan, US] to be used as "cash cows" for the benefit of the state's child foster care system. That system is largely farmed out to private non-profit agencies who receive federal funds for each child. She says the alleged kidnappers have profited because they sit on the boards of agencies in that system.' “Banks filed suit in U.S. District Court under federal racketeering and civil rights statutes, demanding her children's return, and calling for an immediate investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice into the alleged misuse of federal funds by the State of Michigan in hers and thousands of other foster care cases.“ Such acts by all 50 states of the United States are part of an officially sanctioned criminal and fraudulent racketeering designed as a social engineering tool as well as fraudulently defrauding parents of their finances and constitutional rights under the disgraced, discredited and unconstitutional Title IV of the Social Security Act. By far the overwhelming victims of such a criminal and corrupt racketeering by the states, in conspiracy with the federal government, are, however, fathers and their children. Nevertheless, even the destruction of one family and their lives is one too many!

- 03.26.2008: As part of the ongoing campaign (see below What YOU Could Do) to seek redress and expose the insidious judicial corruption in Indiana courts, many victims of Indiana judicial corruption signed and sent this communication to the full Indiana legislature (The House and the Senate members) as well as 60+ media outlets regarding wide spread judicial corruption in Indiana and Randall Terry Shepard's (Indiana Chief Justice's) role in it and his state of judiciary address (01.16.2008, this section, below) to the Indiana legislature.

“Dear Indiana Legislator,
On January 16, 2008, Randall Terry Shepard, Chief Justice of Indiana delivered his 21st State of the Judiciary address to a joint session of the Indiana General Assembly, as required by Indiana Constitution. In conclusion, he stated:
"In short, this is a judiciary with reform in its heart, its feet on the ground, and its mind focused on its customers."
Having experienced the quality of justice and conduct of judges in Indiana courts first hand, we, the undersigned, will not even waste your time discussing the judge's premise for the content of his speech. Suffice it to say that Mr. Shepard (or rather “RANDELL SHEPERD”, see footnote -FN1) is correct to refer to "customers" as rule of law and justice have become commodities in Indiana courts and are sold to the highest bidders through abuse and disdain for the law,....”. See the link above for the full text of communication to the legislators.

- 03.07.2008: The Judicial Conference of the United States, which is the highest policy making all-judge body of the federal judiciary, presided over by the chief justice of the Supreme Court, is set, in a “secret(!) hearing on March 11, 2008, to approve new rules to cover, protect and immunize abusive and corrupt federal judges against public complaints of the said miscreant judges. The circle of judicial tyranny is now complete.

- 03.30.2008: “unilateral divorce has a positive [increased] impact on violent crime rates, with an 8% to 12% average increase for the period under consideration.”, as shown by research “using crime rates from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report program for the period 1965-1998.” Furthermore, “arrest data not only confirms the findings of a positive [increased] impact on violent crime but also shows that this impact is concentrated among those age groups (15 to 24) that are more likely to engage in these type of offenses.”

- 02.29.2008: Press Release and the Brief In Support : Indiana Court Judge Subject Of Anticipated Federal Investigation Resigns Prematurely: Circuit Court Judge Michael D. Cook of Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana, resigned from the bench. The premature resignation coming well before the end of his term of office, took effect today. While on the bench, judge Cook knowingly, and with the knowledge of chief justice Randall Terry Shepard of Indiana Supreme Court, violated federal laws and constitutional rights of many Indiana parents resulting in abuse and endangerment of children as well as in fraud upon the United States and people of Indiana. Read the Press Release and Brief In Support sent to 50+ media outlets.
Distribute these 1-page files widely to your local and other media outlets and Indiana and federal legislators and law enforcement agencies to underline the judicial corruption in Indiana courts.

- 02.20.2008: You criticize our corruption and fraud, and we will cut you off from Indiana courts; say RANDELL SHEPERD and his Indiana Supreme Court CORPORATION to lawyers:
“Indiana Court Bars Lawyer
[s] For Criticizing An Opinion” , New York Times. Intimidation, coercion, violation of the First Amendment, bully tactics and cover up of fraud and criminal activities by RANDELL SHEPERD and his Indiana Supreme Court CORPORATION against people of Indiana even against lawyers (obviously the said lawyers are not part of the inner group of brethren[s]: This New York Times (link) article (pdf) is a sign of inherent corruption in Indiana courts and cover up of same by RANDELL SHEPERD and his cronies and retaliation against anyone who exposes the Indiana courts' unconstitutional and corrupt practices. (Not long ago, the Indiana Court of Appeals denied, not surprisingly but evidently wrongly, that Indiana courts exhibited lynch mob mentality and conduct akin to those of “KKK”!). For other violations, including discrimination and conspiracy, by Indiana Supreme Court resulting in destruction of families and children see here.
Also see
Any one has any question as to how they keep the corruption and violations against the people covered up now!?

- 02.16.2008: Please consider filing an Amicus Curiae (“Friend of the Court”) paper or a letter to the US Supreme Court in support of a father and his child who are victims of judicial corruption by Elkhart, IN, courts and judges as well as by the county prosecutor, et al. (see Case # 1, below). Contact for information.

- 02.12.2008: Please attend the hearing of and support Stuart Showalter, a parent victimized by the Boone county court and officials. Time: 10:00a.m. Tuesday, February 12, 2008, Venue: the Boone County Superior Court II.

- 01.27.2008: Are they Corporations or are they people's courts and (“elected”) judges, prosecutors, Attorneys General, Child Protective Services, ...? Why are they on the Stock Exchange (check Dunn & Bradstreet for your “favorite” court, judge, agency, in any state). See JUDICIARY COURTS OF THE STATE OF INDIANA, its CEO, chief justice (“Randall Shepard, aka “TRADED” as RANDELL SHEPERD, page 2), ELKHART COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT and ELKHART COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT , Judge REX REED (page 2) pictured here, and KOSCIUSKO CIRCUIT COURT and County, as well as other Indiana courts, prosecutors, and counties (see their cuts ( IC-31-25-4-23) of profit, page 10). Are they trading us and our children on the stock market on our misery, destruction of our families, removal / kidnapping of our children whether as “non-custodial” parents, or removal for adoption, violation of our parental and other constitutional rights? All for the mighty dollar fraud “incentive” that state and its agencies and courts receive from federal government for these destructions. Are they trading on these “blood” moneys on the stock market? If not, why is a judicial (?) court on the Stock Exchange ?!?!?!

Could this be why people, especially the self-represented litigants, are constantly denied justice and rule of law in courts by the judges ?!?!?!

The questions you and all of us must be asking are:

1- What are the commodities that the courts and judges, the county prosecutors, the CPS, etc, are trading on the stock market? Is it our children?, Is it the incentive they receive for unlawful kidnapping / removal of our children? Is it for unlawfully putting unconstitutionally created “non-custodial” fathers in prisons and trade their labor to other corporations for profit?
For what commodity / incentive are they creating fatherless children....?

2- How much have they profited and are profiting from me and my children ? I demand all of it back. This father never gave consent to be part of the Corporation of state of Indiana supreme court, court of appeals and county (Elkhart or any other) courts (operating under Commercial Code?. They certainly do not operate under the laws and Constitutions of Indiana and the United States. Hence, the daily and repeated violations of the laws and Constitutions by the Indiana judges)!

3- Why and for what commercial activity are judge SHEPERD and the Indiana Supreme Court listed as Corporations on the Stock Market ?

4- Why and for what commercial activity are judge “REX REEDand Kosciusko Circuit Court listed as Corporations on the Stock Market?

5- Why and for what commercial activity are other counties and their courts in Indiana and other States listed as Corporations on the Stock Market?

6- We were never informed of, nor have consented to be members of the Corporation and be hauled in front of those Corporate "courts" clearly (through their disdain for and violations of the Constitution) operating under other laws than the Constitution! Hence, they, as Corporations, have no jurisdiction upon the people. Therefore, does it not follow that their orders are void ab initio (from the beginning) and void in toto (in total)?

7- Are they public servants (judges), courts, and (supposedly) "elected" officials, or are they private Corporations? They can NOT be both!
Are you asking these questions from your judges and other state officials who deprive you of your children, livelihood, freedom, and even possibly life?

You should, for it maybe YOUR child or your parental rights they will remove next!

And where are the media in all this, burying their heads in the sand, or in on the fraud!?!?!?!

- 01.24.2008: Human Rights abuse of two British teenagers (The Brays): by “The Administration for Children's Services” in New York. Moral degeneracy of the US “Child Protective” system reaches new heights.(BBC).

- 01.22.2008: In the absence of any valid legal logic, judge Theresa L. Springmann (of US District Court, Northern District of Indiana, Fort Wayne) repeats her contrived and made up pretext to dismiss Dr. Sanjari's Motion (under Rule 59) To Reconsider her earlier (10.16.2007) order to dismiss Dr. Sanjari's suit to have the unlawful and unconstitutional “sole-custody” order of Elkhart Superior Court (issued by now-ex judge Michael D. Cook of Marshal County, and perpetuated by miscreant judge Rex L. Reed (pictured here) of Kosciusko County) declared void ab initio. By doing so, judge Theresa L. Springmann has practiced law from the bench (unlawful), deprived Dr. Sanjari of his constitutionally protected rights, committed fraud in protecting Indiana judge Rex L. Reed, and violated her oath of office, and hence committed treason against the United States. This is yet another proof of judges protecting and covering up for their “brethren” judges.

- 01.16.2008: Today Randall Terry Shepard, Chief Justice of Indiana delivered his 21st State of the Judiciary address to a joint session of the Indiana General Assembly, as required by Indiana Constitution. In conclusion, he stated:

"In short, this is a judiciary with reform in its heart, its feet on the ground, and its mind focused on its customers." Having experienced the quality of justice and conduct of judges in Indiana courts first hand, many (multitude of) of their victims would testify to having been treated as "customers" as rule of law and justice have become commodities in Indiana courts and are sold to the highest bidders or on the whim of the many corrupt judges' presiding over those courts through abuse and disdain for the law including Mr. Shepard himself and his band of state court judges.
Yet, there isn't a day gone by that the said Constitution and laws of Indiana are deliberately and knowingly violated by the Indiana judiciary as part of their insidious and ever expanding judicial tyranny which they perpetrate upon the multitude of unsuspecting people of Indiana who are unknowing of the laws and their rights under them including their constitutional rights that the said judiciary so contemptuously and deliberately ignore and trample upon. They do so with the full knowledge of conspiracy with the Indiana Court of Appeals (IN-CA) and Supreme Court (IN-SC), which is ruled by an iron fist by the said Chief Justice.
Therefore, Mr. Shepard himself is ultimately, as the chief administrator of Indiana courts with direct responsibility to oversee all Indiana judges, is responsible and answerable. This is in addition to the fact that Mr. Shepard himself has known about (informed by the undersigned, et al. on more than one occasion) and committed and indeed aided and abetted in such judicial atrocities not least by covering up those unlawful violations. Additionally, judge Shepard himself has lied and denied facts that had been made available to him and recorded by the IN-CA. If Indiana courts are to be given back their integrity and corruption within them stemmed,
Randall Terry Shepard must go and open the way for a chief justice with integrity who is not implicated in unlawful acts and violations upon Indiana people!

- 01.12.2008: Open Letter to “RANDELL SHEPERD, CEO (chief judge) of Indiana Supreme Court requesting a criminal investigation into Indiana judges' corruption and criminal violations perpetrated by them upon parents and children. See What YOU Could Do, below. Sent to 50+ media outlets.

- Judicial Conspiracy: [State & Federal] Judges Being Secretly Trained [through State Justice Institute, paid for by the tax payer and under government sponsorship!] To Resist Arguments Based on Constitution ...[and] from aggrieved ... pro se litigants. Is this to disenfranchise anyone standing up to judicial corruption? Or, maybe judges covering up for each others' crimes (e.g. other judges covering up for judge Rex L. Reed's [pictured here] violations)?

- Judicial Corruption: Judges Speak Out!

- 12.19.2007: The Magna Carta And Price of Hypocrisy, Perversion of Law & Justice... A Short Essay by Dr. Amir Sanjari.

- 10.16.2007: In the absence of any valid legal logic, judge Theresa L. Springmann (of US District Court, Northern District of Indiana, Fort Wayne) contrives a pretext to dismiss Dr. Sanjari's suit against the unlawful and unconstitutional (void ab initio) “sole-custody” order of Elkhart Superior Court (issued by now-ex judge Michael D. Cook of Marshal County, and perpetuated by miscreant judge Rex L. Reed of Kosciusko County). By doing so, judge Theresa L. Springmann has practiced law from the bench (unlawful), deprived Dr. Sanjari of his constitutionally protected rights, committed fraud in protecting Indiana judge Rex L. Reed, and violated her oath of office, and hence committed treason against the United States.
The “sole-custody” order, the subject of the
in rem suit is the order the Gratzols (Alison and John) in conspiracy with their attorney Max K. Walker, Jr. (Elkhart, IN) fraudulently sought and Elkhart court fraudulently issued whereby they kidnapped Dr. Sanajri's minor children in in the fall of 2001.

- 10.12.2007: Submission to The Committee on Judicial Conduct and Disability of the Judicial Conference of the United States (28 U.S.C. §351-364) – Based upon Experience in federal (and state) courts in Indiana - by Dr. Amir H. Sanjari

- 09, 2007: Judiciary Committees of the US Congress and federal law enforcement agencies have been provided with evidence of and asked to investigate Indiana state judiciaries at all County, Appeals and Supreme Courts levels (jurisdiction due to federal funding) for criminal misconduct and other federal violations. Furthermore, investigation was sought into US District Courts (federal) and judges in Indiana for "selective prosecution" , collusion and unduly delaying and dismissing cases brought by self-represented (“pro se) plaintiffs against state officials and judiciary, as well as for conspiracy to cover up state judiciary's and officials' atrocities and depriving plaintiffs of their due process and constitutional rights. [See above “Judicial Conspiracy” involving State Justice Institute and Indiana and federal courts.]

- 09, 2007: Testimony (regarding corruption of federal judiciary) to the Judicial Commission on Draft Rules Governing Judicial Conduct and Disability Proceedings of The Committee on Judicial Conduct and Disability of the Judicial Conference of the United States.

- 08.23.2007- Some members of the Indiana Lynch-Mob (John G. Baker, "Chief Judge", with concurrence of Darden J. J. Najam and J. Garrard, Sr.) outdo their own corruption and violations of the Constitution and laws of the Land by “banning” Dr. Sanjari from filing appeals to the Indiana Court of Appeals (IN-CA) without their permission in order to cover up the misconduct and fraudulent, corrupt and vile acts of judge Rex L. Reed and Elkhart Superior Court clerk (Stephanie Burgess, et al.). Evidently, they have not heard of the Seventh Amendment to the Constitution.

Furthermore, the IN-CA lynch mob even refused to docket the papers timely filed appealing the unlawful hearing (April 03, 2007) and orders (April 04, 2007) depriving Dr. Sanjari of his children by said criminal Rex Reed (pictured here) in violation of due process (hearing and order without jurisdiction and without due notice to Dr. Sanjari) as the evidence against this out of control outlaw judge is overwhelming. The said IN-CA lynch mob and Reed reach a new depth in their cesspool of corruption.

- 08.20.2007: Another father and a grand father issue notices of legal war against Elkhart County's and Indiana's corrupt judiciary and officials and their cohort attorneys. Included amongst the summons recipients are, but not limited to: Steve Carter (A-G), Curtis T. Hill (Elkhart Prosecutor), Bruce Wells (Deputy Elkhart Prosecutor), Max K. Walker (a woman-beating crooked attorney), Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualification (a secretive arm of the IN supreme court covering up and ignoring the judiciary's atrocities and defrauding people of Indiana), Indiana Court of Appeals Judge James S. Kirsch, Elkhart Court Clerk Stephanie Burgess, Elkhart County Sheriff, Elkhart County Judge David Bonfiglio, ... . Of course, for such atrocities there is NO judicial or official immunity applicable.

There are forces in operation which must inevitably work the downfall of slavery.
(Frederick Douglas)

- 08.03.2007: Letter sent to Elkhart county, Indiana, sheriff informing him that execution and processing of any order (unlawful and void ab initio) issued by Elkhart court and judges thereof in this case would be unlawful, and that the sheriff department, sheriff himself and his officers would be liable for federal prosecution both in their personal and official capacities.

- 08.03.2007: Letter to Indiana Governor, Mitch Daniels regarding Indiana judges' and officials' corruption and criminal activities, and demand for return of Dr. Sanjari's children to him.

- 07.23.2007: Indiana Supreme Court exhibits evidence of its collusion and conspiracy to cover up the criminal activities and violations of the law (federal and Indiana) and the Constitution under the color of law by Elkhart Superior Court No. 5, purported and criminal judge Rex L. Reed (pictured here) of Kosciusko circuit court (Warsaw, IN) and their cohorts. Now there exists evidence that Indiana Supreme Court (Randall Shepard and the full court “all justices concur”) have purportedly looked into the custody appeals cases before Indiana court of appeals, IN-CA, (pending for the past almost 2 years without any ruling by the said IN-CA!) in this matter and have become parties to the fraud and conspiracy amongst the Elkhart court, criminal purported judge Rex L. Reed, IN-CA, et al. In order to cover up the criminal activities of the aforementioned.

Furthermore, the Indiana Supreme Court has shown its incompetence in its oversight of activities of the IN-CA since it alludes to the undersigned not having filed an appeal in a case that has been filed by th latter and kept under wraps by the IN-CA without establishment of a docket or any entries or ruling upon it in violation of the undersigned's First Amendment, Seventh Amendment, Ninth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution. This is yet another tactic by corrupt judiciary and officials (see also item immediately below) to divert attention from their own criminal activities by casting aspersions on their opponents. A federal investigation akin to the “Operation Greylord” by the FBI (circa 1985, re dozens of criminal Chicago judges) into all levels of the Indiana judiciary and state officials for criminal activities is well overdue.

- 07.18.2007: When, as has been the case throughout these events, the corrupt officials and judiciary do not have the truth and the right on their side they resort to lies and misrepresentation just to provide their cohort “brethren” judge in the case an excuse to rule against their adversary. Such is the corrupt practices of Indiana Attorney General and his deputy David Arthur in defending the criminal judge Rex L. Reed (pictured here) of Kosciusko Circuit Court, Indiana, against whom the undersigned has brought lawsuits in federal and Indiana courts. (Even after this, the criminal Rex Reed pretends to rule upon the undersigned's custody case without jurisdiction in violation of federal law and the Constitution). By filing a fatuous and irrelevant letter, David Arthur attempts to distract attention from his and his client's corrupt and criminal practices and make the undersigned self-represented look culpable. This is the undersigned's response filed in Kosciusko court in the case he filed against criminal Rex L. Reed.

- 04.09.2007: Dr. Sanjari files Petition For Writ Of Certiorari from the Indiana Courts to the United States Supreme Court regarding the fraudulent, unconstitutional and unlawful removal of the father's equal parental rights (equal legal and physical custody) by the criminal former wife Alison Gratzol (Elkhart, IN) in conspiracy with her corrupt attorney Max Walker (Elkhart, IN) and Elkhart Superior court and special judge Michael D. Cook (of Marshall circuit court, Plymouth, IN) and special judge Rex L. Reed (of Kosciusko circuit court, Warsaw, IN) who have all committed and/or conspired and/or aided and abetted in committing fraud, child abuse, kidnapping of minors across state lines, obstruction of justice, unlawful tampering of official court records in conjunction with Elkhart Superior court No. 5 administrator (Kathy) and clerk (Stephanie Burgess). The said judges have additionally lied in court orders and defrauded the undersigned and the US federal government (in violation of the social security act and 42 U.S.C. Title IV-D) under the color of law and in conspiracy with Indiana Attorney General (Steve Carter and Deputy David Arthur) and Elkhart county prosecutor (Curtis T. Hill, Jr. and Deputy Bruce Wells). Other federal and Indiana lawsuits are pending against some of the said actors. IN Court of Appeals and IN supreme court (Chief judge Shepard appointed Rex Reed personally) conspired to cover up the said actors and judges' fraud, misconduct and constitutional violations. IN supreme court refused to consider the undersigned's Petition for fear that they themselves become further implicated in the fraudulent and unlawful activities of their appointed judges in the case. They are nevertheless culpable (18 U.S.C. 4). Corruption is rife amongst Indiana judiciary. A federal investigation (much like the Operation Greylord by the FBI in IL) of the Indiana judiciary is well overdue and is required.
Indiana and Elkhart courts continue with their abuse of the families and children with impunity.

- 04.03.2007: Judge Rex L. Reed (pictured here) and Elkhart Court hold secret hearing with Gratzol and her attorney, Max Walker, in Indiana to further unlawfully and unconstitutionally eliminate this father's parental and constitutional rights. Gratzol and Walker coerced and bribed the undersigned's younger minor daughter into going to court. No psychological or physical abuse of the child is too great for Gratzol and Walker to pursue their greed and criminal violations, and for Reed to pursue his vendetta against this father.

- 02.20.2007: Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter, his deputies David A. Arthur and Cynthia G. Denardi file appearance to defend crooked judge Rex L. Reed for his crimes against the undersigned, his children and the Constitution for the United States, in a lawsuit brought by the undersigned. Three top Indiana state attorneys to defend Reed against Dr. Sanjari, a self-represented father. This implies one or both of the following:
i) the need for 3 attorneys against a self-represented non-attorney is a sign of abysmal standard and quality of Indiana education, and hence its top attorneys,
ii) the crimes of
Reed's (by now the A-G's office and the said attorneys are also implicated in the crimes) are so egregious and heinous that they feel the need to bring 3 attorneys against the non-lawyer Dr. Sanjari. In any case it is a waste of Indiana tax payers' money defending a crooked judge (Rex L. Reed).

- 02.07.2007: It seems that there is no abatement to the determination and intent of the American Bar Association (“ABA”), representing judges and lawyers, to continue to further corrupt the judicial system, undermine the Constitution and rule of law, people's rights to fair and lawful judicial system and honest judges to apply the law with integrity. In its Commission report on revising the Model Code of Judicial Conduct, the ABA abandoned the “appearance of impropriety” as a basis for disciplinary action. This would allow even more unfettered corruption and misconduct by judges to be perpetrated upon those before them, as if there were not enough criminal and felonious misconduct being perpetrated by judges already! (E.g. see multitudes of websites, including this site, below, replete with accounts of corrupt judiciary.) Already nearly all judicial corruption goes un-investigated, ignored or merely white-washed and covered up by higher courts, the disciplinary and law enforcement bodies. Such abandonment would further solidify the prevailing wide-spread culture of judicial corruption. Even though the Conference of Chief Justices (CCJ) voted today to oppose the said abandonment and revising of the Model Code of Judicial Conduct and urged the ABA’s House of Delegates to return to the rule about “appearance of impropriety” which has prevailed since 1924, nevertheless, the rate of judicial misconduct continues to soar unabated and unimpeded. Apparently, the CCJ's rejection of the abandonment is merely a lip service to keeping judicial misconduct under control, and that it has no real intention of combating same! As for the ABA and their motives, the suspicion that it is knowingly intent on driving the US judicial system into an ever-deeper judicial tyranny is very real, justified and unmistakable. Such a drive by the ABA must be countered with urgency and determination!

- 02.07.2007: US Circuit Court of Appeals (CA7), Chicago, Circuit judges Michael S. Kanne, Ilana D. Rovner, and Diane S. Sykes succumb to conspiracy with Indiana to save the hide of Judge Rex L. Reed and cover up the federal child support enforcement kickback money fraud by Indiana and Elkhart county, as well as covering up Indiana judiciary's corruption and criminal violations.

- 01.11.2007: Indiana Attorney General, Steve Carter , lies on the record as did his deputy David Arthur to the US Federal Court in Massachusetts where the latter was defending Indiana judge Rex L. Reed of Kosciusko Circuit court for his criminal and felonious misconduct in an Indiana case.

- 2004: Reminiscent of special courts speed processing the candidates for labour and concentration camps, State of Indiana, with its lynch-mob mentality, has instituted “IV-D Courts” to speed process the (unconstitutional) Title IV-D “child [read state extortion] support” candidates for speedy family destruction and dispatch of fathers to labour camps. Evidence is being amassed for the Nuremberg-style trial of the Indiana State genocidal authorities once the Title IV-D, its resulting greed and fraud and its destruction of families are appropriately exposed and its perpetrators prosecuted.

- 03.07.2003:American Legal System Is Corrupt Beyond Recognition: Judge Edith Jones of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, told Harvard Law School.

- 03.04.2003: Massachusetts “Courts Mired in Managerial Confusion, says Blue-Ribbon Court Reform Panel”. Confirming what is a common knowledge within the state, given the rampant corruption in its courts, especially the “Family & Probate” courts which have all but thrown out the rule of law and the Constitution and rule by fiat and in administrative, as opposed to judicial, capacity, hence violating the right of those before them.

- 2001: Gender Discrimination Against Fathers, violations of Due Process, judicial misconduct, Destruction of Families and Deliberate and Irresponsible injury to Children by feminist Judge Mary Beth Bonaventura in conspiracy with Indiana Supreme Court. Judge Bonaventura's malicious and criminal (mis)conduct is what Indianapolis Star called “Juvenile Justice At Its Worst”. “If the facts of
this case seem perplexing, they are. Volumes of documents point to corruption and under-the-table deals designed to keep John from his son”.

- 2001: “Anonymous dad takes on [crooked and malicious] judge [Mary Beth Bonaventura], Lake County Times:

What YOU Could Do

If you are, and when you become (as it is becoming increasingly likely), a victim of judicial corruption in any State of the United States, the actions below in this section are what you can take to help fight the said pervasive judicial corruption. The following actions have been and are been taken against the judicial perpetrators in the State of Indiana and could be adopted as examples for use in your State. For assistance, please feel free to contact Dr. Sanjari.:

1- 10.07.2008: Petitions for Impeachment* of judges Evan S. Roberts and David C. Bonfiglio of Elkhart Superior Courts, Elkhart, Indiana, for their pervasive criminal misconduct, have been filed in accordance with the Indiana and United States constitutions and laws with the offices of the Chairman** of the Judiciary Committee and The Speaker*** of Indiana House of Representatives with copies sent to other Indiana legislators.
* See Projects (“What You Can Do”) below.
** Linda Lawson, House Judiciary Chair, Rep., District 1, Hammond & Munster, IN, h1@in.gov .
*** B. Patrick Bauer, House Speaker, Rep., District 6, South Bend, IN, h6@in.gov .

2- 07.30.2008: A Petition for Impeachment of Judge Rex L. Reed of Kosciusko county, Indiana, along with a supporting Notice of Felony that includes evidence of his pervasive criminal misconduct, were filed in accordance with the Indiana and United States constitutions and laws with the office of the Chairman* of the Judiciary Committee of Indiana House of Representatives with copies sent to other relevant Indiana legislators as well as to the executive branch. The following press release is also issued and disseminated extensively in Indiana and nationally to the media and other organizations, bodies and relevant federal agencies such as law enforcement and those providing federal funding to States.
You are encouraged to
take action against miscreant judges and officials by filing petitions to the legislature to impeach the corrupt judges. You may use the above documents as templates (with appropriate modifications for your state and case). The two documents (the Petition and Notice of Felony and accompanying evidence) should normally be, and in most states are, sufficient to compel the House Judiciary Committee to investigate and file Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for trial of the official/judge. However, encouragement and support may be given to the House Judiciary Committee to carry out its duty by making it understand that its refusal to carry out its constitutional duty to investigate and file Articles of Impeachment would be deemed as the committee's members condoning judicial and/or official misconduct and that they'd be reported to voters in their district to draw their own conclusion regarding the suitability of the said legislators at election time.
The impeachment document should typically be sent to the Chair of the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee with copies to the House Speaker, Chair of Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate President and the Governor. There maybe variations in each state. Appropriate modifications may be required for each state or for federal cases. Consult your state constitution and laws, and
feel free to contact Dr. Sanjari.
Project Applicable to federal and all States.

2.A- 03.26.2008: As part of the ongoing campaign (see the Open Letter below) to seek redress and expose the insidious judicial corruption in Indiana courts, many victims of Indiana judicial corruption signed and sent this communication to the full Indiana legislature (The House and the Senate members) as well as 60+ media outlets regarding wide spread judicial corruption in Indiana and Randall Terry Shepard's (Indiana Chief Justice's) role in it and his state of judiciary address (01.16.2008, this section, below) to the Indiana legislature. Mr. Shepard has not seen fit to respond to the people's Open Letter (below) to him which may not be surprising given his complicity in unlawful activities of Indiana judiciary. Therefore, given the legal maxim that silence equates with fraud and admission of guilt, we demand Randall Terry Shepard's resignation and his replacement by a chief justice who would uphold the rule of law and who has not been tainted by crimes and conspiracy against victims of Indiana judiciary.

N.B. Assertions herein are supported by documentary, audio and personal testimony evidence and proof.

Dear Indiana Legislator,
On January 16, 2008, Randall Terry Shepard, Chief Justice of Indiana delivered his 21st State of the Judiciary address to a joint session of the Indiana General Assembly, as required by Indiana Constitution. In conclusion, he stated:
"In short, this is a judiciary with reform in its heart, its feet on the ground, and its mind focused on its customers."
Having experienced the quality of justice and conduct of judges in Indiana courts first hand, we, the undersigned, will not even waste your time discussing the judge's premise for the content of his speech. Suffice it to say that Mr. Shepard (or rather “RANDELL SHEPERD”, see footnote -FN1) is correct to refer to "customers" as rule of law and justice have become commodities in Indiana courts and are sold to the highest bidders through abuse and disdain for the law,....”. See the link above for the full text of this communication to the legislators.
Project Applicable to all States.

2.B- 01.12.2008: Open Letter To Randall Terry Shepard, Chief Justice Of Indiana: by victims, especially mothers and fathers, of Indiana judicial and official corruption primarily by and in Indiana courts at all levels including county courts, Indiana court of Appeals and Supreme Court. As the chief judge of Indiana, Randall Terry Shepard is directly and personally responsible for the unlawful and corrupt conduct of his judges. It is intended that the publicity in this regard shall be maintained until and unless he either institutes a criminal investigation into the conduct of Indiana judges and cleans up his judicial house, or makes room for an honest and law-abiding chief judge to carry out the task. Additionally, see the Press Release and the Brief In Support also submitted to the multitude of media outlets within Indiana, nationally and internationally and to the federal and Indiana legislatures. If you, your children, parents, or any one you know, have been victimized by Indiana courts, please join (by sending E-Mail to) us in this ongoing effort to root out corruption from, and have the Constitution and rule of Law of the Land, return to Indiana “family” courts. Sent to 50+ media outlets.
You could distribute the
Open Letter, Press Release and the Brief In Support regarding the “family” court corruption and fraud to the media (newspapers, TV stations, internet, etc) and to Indiana and US legislators to let them know that Randall Terry Shepard is knowingly unwilling (or unable) to carry out his duty and responsibility to keep Indiana judges from committing crimes upon parents of Indiana.
Also and very importantly, you could use the material here to educate people about how crooked judges in conjunction with some corrupt prosecutors and lawyers not only defraud the U.S. Government, but also routinely violate the legal and constitutional rights of Indiana parents and children resulting in the destruction of their lives and families, and deprivation of their livelihoods, liberties and children for the
kidnap money otherwise known as federal incentive.
Project Applicable to all States.

3- The Hague Petition: Stop the spread of the Title IV-D corruption and fraud by the states and US government upon parents and tax payers. E-Mail us your name and address only to be added to the petition, or send the Letter To The Haguemember states yourself- see Description.
Project Applicable to all States.

- Federal Investigation: Complaint to Federal Law Enforcement Authorities and The US Congress Judiciary Committees Against States' Criminal Judicial Corruption (and protected by federal judges):
Download, fill out and
E-Mail us this affidavit to add your voice and complaint to many others' filed with federal law enforcement agencies and US Congress. Contact us for action to stem the tide of judicial and official corruption in Indiana (and other states) hurting children and parents alike for greed of the judges, courts, county prosecutors and state officials protected by and in conspiracy with (Indiana- see left) Attorney General's office, and protected by US federal judges.
Project Applicable to all States.

- Join (E-Mail) us to seek redress against judicial and official corruption.

5- Boycott of Travel to And Commerce with Indiana for its Human Rights Violations (Including Against European Union Citizens)

Message to International organizations and businesses: If and when there were any notion of relocating, starting a business or investing in Indiana, USA, it is a legal, ethical and moral consideration to bear in mind that laws of Indiana, many unconstitutional) are operated by a corrupt judiciary (all the way through its supreme court) with a lynch-mob mentality (not least a reflection of inferior standard of Indiana education system) and supported by a corrupt system of county prosecutors' and Attorney General's offices to the detriment of any morality, ethics, Constitution and even Indiana laws themselves not to mention an extremely family unfriendly court system that could and would decimate your work force's families, abuse their children and defraud them out of their money all under the color of law in order to grab (through defrauding the compliant US federal government for Title IV-D “reimbursement and incentive” money for destroying families and creating fatherless children). The said corruption also extends to areas, such as business, that said perpetrators influence. Any venture that could possibly benefit Indiana would be supporting and contributing to this corrupt system and the atrocities it perpetrates. You are, therefore, urged to refrain from doing any business whatsoever in Indiana. Furthermore, European Union countries and businesses are additionally legally obliged to refrain from doing business with Indiana as this state's atrocities and human rights violations have been knowingly perpetrated upon European Union citizens and nationals who'd take appropriate steps to prevent any business transaction with Indiana. (See above, Dr. Sanjari's letter to Indiana Governor, Mitch Daniels).
Project Applicable to all States.

Submit YOUR Cases Of Corruption & Misconduct By Judges

Submit YOUR own, or others', cases of judicial corruption, atrocities and violations by judges and officials. But, please read the submission instructions in information and templates such as a short affidavit, etc.
You may submit the complaint which will be displayed on the web either anonymously or with your name included in the displayed complaint (you choose). If anonymity is requested, your affidavit, used only by us for verification of statements, will be held strictly confidential and only your complaint will be put on the web.

The projects and actions for redress are applicable to ALL States, their judiciary and officials as well as those of federal courts with appropriate and relevant modifications (Contact Dr. Sanjari).
Documentary submissions regarding violations and misconduct by ALL States and federal judiciary and officials are accepted and indeed encouraged for inclusion herein.

01- California Cases
02- Colorado Cases
03- Connecticut Cases
04- Florida Cases
05- Illinois Cases ... To Be Included Shortly.
06- Indiana Cases
07- Maryland Cases
08- Massachusetts Cases
09- Michigan Cases ... To be included shortly.
10- Missouri Cases ... To Be included shortly.
11- New Hampshire Cases
12- New Jersey Cases ... To be included shortly.
13- New York Cases
14- North Carolina Cases
Oklahoma Cases
16- Texas Cases ... To Be included shortly.

- SEND IN YOUR SUBMISSIONS TO BE ADDED IN YOUR STATE PAGE! If you do not see a link for your state, one will be created when you submit your case.

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A Daughter's Poem

The above is a poem that the undersigned's elder daughter wrote for him during equal custody period and before the daughters' custody was illegally, unconstitutionally and fraudulently changed and psychologically (and as a result, physically) abused and inflicted PAS by her so-called mother, Alison Gratzol (with aiding and abetting of John Gratzol (her husband), Max K. Walker, Jr. (her woman-beating attorney), Corrupt Elkhart Superior Court, Indiana, and special judges thereof Michael D. Cook (Marshall Circuit Court, IN), Rex L. Reed (Kosciusko Circuit Court, IN), and LouAnn Todd (a so-called counselor and social worker, Elkhart, IN). (Also see the right column.) This is the same daughter who has been alienated from her papa (father), the undersigned, to the point that she has not been allowed (“wanted”) to see him since August 2003 the same papa for whom she had written the above poem! Can you detect the contrast !? Now the so-called mother with aiding and abetting of corrupt Indiana judiciary and officials (state Attorney General, Steve Carter, David A. Arthur, Elkhart Prosecutor, Curtis T. Hill, Jr., et al.) is perpetrating the same atrocities and crimes upon the younger daughter!
This papa is not for giving up!

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explores the problems through over 38 interviews with both custodial and non-custodial parents and the attorneys, judges and county employees on both sides of the paradigm
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Legal Definitions


8 USC Sec. 1203 TITLE 18 - CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE PART I - CRIMES CHAPTER 55 – “KIDNAPPING STATUTE (a) Except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, whoever, whether inside or outside the United States, seizes or detains and threatens to kill, to injure, or to continue to detain another person in order to compel a third person or a governmental organization to do or abstain from doing any act as an explicit or implicit condition for the release of the person detained, or attempts or conspires to do so, shall be punished by imprisonment for any term of years or for life and, if the death of any person results, shall be punished by death or life imprisonment. “

Is this DIFFERENT than a mother keeping children away from their father with the connivance and blessing (orders) of the court obtained fraudulently, unlawfully and in violation of state, federal and international laws and morality? Especially when the State, the County, County Prosecutor, court and its judges and mother's attorney engineering it, all financially benefit from the said kidnapping not only under the federal incentive program (
42 USC § 651, et seq.) with the connivance of the government , but also from the ransom demanded from the father as part of the contingent 'hostage [children] “visitation" ' .

Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome: An extraordinary phenomenon in which a hostage begins to identify with and grow sympathetic to their captor. Named for an episode that occurred in Stockholm in August, 1973 when an armed Swedish robber took some bank workers captive, held them for six days and stole their hearts. The Stockholm syndrome is not limited to Swedes. Patty Hearst, heir to the publishing fortune, was kidnapped in 1974 by the Symbionese Liberation Army. She later joined the SLA and participated in a bank robbery with them. More recently, Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped by a couple for 9 months. Elizabeth repeatedly had the chance to run away or ask for help but did not. It is now generally believed that she had the Stockholm syndrome, in which she formed emotional bonds with her captors.


Conspiracy : "An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action."

Court Watch & Dates

If you can, please attend the following court hearings to support victims of judicial corruption and help ensure the application of rule of law and the Constitution by Judges. Chances are one day you will become a victim of judicial corruption and need similar support.

Hearing Date: 08.13.2008
Hearing Time: 08:30 a.m.
Contact Info: spnkyz66@yahoo.com
Case Name: Clark vs. Clark
Court Location: Oakland County Court
1200 North Telegraph, West Wing,
First Floor, Oakland, Michigan.
Judge/Referee: Martha D. Anderson
Plaintiff: Scott Clark (“custodial” parent)
Defendant: Dawn Clark
Case Info: (Several) contempt charges. Defendant unlawfully withheld children from plaintiff.

Hearing Date: 10.16.2008
Hearing Time: 09:30 a.m.
Contact Info: seanyniceguy@yahoo.com
Case Name: Sean Delevan
Court Location: Queens Family Court, Queens, New York.
Judge/Referee: Seiden
Case Info: “This is the same judge who violated my children and my rights and has repeatedly ignored all evidence in this matter. See - New York Cases - Sean Delevan”.
Hearing Date: 02.19.2009
Hearing Time:
Contact Info: armyrangerarmyranger@yahoo.com
Case Name: Gipson v.
Court Location: MO
Defendant: Robert Gipson
Case Info: Custody Related

Hearing Date: 02.19.2009
Hearing Time: 11:30 a.m.
Contact Info: angeliquelandry01cvd13214@yahoo.com
Case Name: Landry v.
Court Location: Courtroom 8150, Mecklenburg County Courthouse,
832 East Fourth Street,Charlotte, NC
Judge/Referee: Christy T. Mann
Defendant: Angelique Landry
Case Info: Custody Related Motions To Enforce