A Daughter's Poem
When I need to be rocked in
Or rubbed on my chin
Who does it ???
My Pa!!!!

When the closet monster comes
He fights them and scares them
Who is he ???
My Pa!!!!

When things are wrong
And all mixed up
Who makes things better???
My Pa!!!!

When Ma and my sissy [X]el
Cast an evil kind of spell
Who protects me ???
My Pa!!!!

If Pa didn’t exist
Things would be a mess
Who is always there
My Pa!!!
Pa Pa Pa Pa

Corruption, Criminal and Human Rights Violations
Officials and Judiciary of the State of New Hampshire, USA
(See Below For Some Cases of Judicial Misconduct)

in Violation of:
the State's own and federal
Laws and Constitutions,
the United Nations Conventions and Treaties, to wit
On Human and Political Rights, Charter 77, Rights of Children
, Family Rights &
in contravention of every norm of human rights, decency and morality.

                                                                                                                 (“Civilized” Re-Defined)

                   "The [above] matter [of atrocities, Due Process Violations, criminal
                 and fraudulent activities]
is before the United States Congress".
                                                                                                                             (Authorized Statement)

The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppose.”
                                                                                                                (Frederick Douglass, 1817-1895)

As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily
endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.

                                                                                                   (Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler)
Compare with US' deliberate, unconstitutional and criminal destruction of families!

Do You Know What Is Happening To You? If Not, [1]S[9]e[8]e[4] For Yourself!

The US Constitution is now only a “dead letter”.
                                                                           (Dr. Roger Roots, Esq., J.D., Attorney)

We are seeking and demanding that Perpetrators of such Criminal Misconduct and Human Rights atrocities be prosecuted. To this end, we are gathering verified affidavits and evidentiary documentation and records of such atrocities perpetrated by the judiciary and officials in ALL the 50 States of the United States for submission to US federal and International bodies for investigation, law enforcement and prosecution purposes. You are cordially invited, indeed urged, to submit your affidavit regarding your case.

In the US, every year multitude of children are kidnapped by the State courts, in conspiracy with county prosecutors and higher state judiciaries, and given to one parent (overwhelmingly to females) in order to collect extortion “incentive” kickback money ($Billions annually) from the willingly defrauded and colluding federal government (social engineering). In a vast majority of these cases, the children are abused and suffer, with the knowledge, acquiescence and often participation of the said judiciary, from “Stockholm Syndromedue to perpetration of “Parental Alienationin “Hostile [and unlawful] Custody Environmentjust so that the states, their courts, judiciaries and county prosecutors get their share of the kidnap “incentive” money, i.e. extortion money under Title IV-D (42 U.S.C. 651, et seq.).
For a greater understanding and in non-legal language, read this cold (without the individual drama and heartache of the hundreds of thousands of lives, families and children it has destroyed), detailed and illuminating
Title IV-D account (“MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL”, By Paul M. Clements, July 2008) and links to official figures and evidence of the institutionalized fraud and deception nationwide indicating the depth of shame, disgrace, moral depravity and bankruptcy and criminality the United States knowingly and deliberately has sunk to for greed and control upon fathers, mothers and their children using “mothers” as its tool of implementation of such criminal and human rights atrocity against families under its jurisdiction.

conclusion has to be that if you have family and value your children and their future, do NOT come to live in the United States, where in pursuit of the New World Order, the Family (the fabric of society) is deliberately and systematically destroyed by its corrupt federal and states' governments!


                "No country -- certainly not the United States -- is free of corruption,
            and no country should lecture others on how to eliminate it."
                "I remain convinced that there is no more important area in the fight
            against corruption than the challenge for us within the law enforcement
            and justice sectors to keep our own houses clean."
                "Corruption in the agencies charged with enforcing our laws not only
            threatens communities by allowing dangerous criminals to roam free, it
            also undermines the confidence of our citizens in law enforcement and
            the criminal justice system. The same is true with respect to judicial
            corruption. We must all, in our own countries, lead the fight to ensure
            integrity within our police and judicial systems. The same is true with
            respect to judicial corruption."
                “We must all, in our own countries, lead the fight to ensure integrity
            within our police and judicial systems.“
                “I turn now to the third dimension of corruption: the moral dimension.
            In the end, we must acknowledge morality is an essential foundation of
            law. Governments are reflective of the societies they serve. Even with
            strong law enforcement and preventive measures, there will still be those
            tempted by corruption, and those willing to corrupt. We must come to a
            recognition, personally and culturally, that corruption is not just a violation
            of law, not just an economic disadvantage, and not merely a political problem,
            but that it is morally wrong. ”

(John D. Ashcroft, United States Attorney General
Himself One of the Worst Violators of Civil Rights and the Constitution
in remarks to the Second Global Forum on Fighting Corruption!)

                                   (Charles Dickens, Bleak House)

The projects and actions herein for redress are applicable to ALL States, their judiciary and officials as well as those of federal courts with appropriate and relevant modifications (Contact Dr. Sanjari).
Everyone is invited and encouraged to
submit any and all misconduct by ALL States' and federal judiciary and officials for documentation herein.

A Pattern of Judicial and Official Corruption and Criminal Misconduct
By State Judiciary and Officials At All Levels Throughout the United States

Themis "The Goddess of Justice"

I AM THE JUDGE ... “ (Audio)

Criminal and constitutional Violations include, but is not limited to: Fraud, and Conspiracy to defraud, Obstruction of Justice, Endangering Children's Safety and Well- Being, Child abuse, Lying in official court documents, Falsifying court records, Threats against parties, Conspiracy to cover up fraud, Violations of Oaths of Office, Treason Against the United States, ... with the Knowledge and Acquiescence of, and Cover up by the State's Appellate and Supreme Courts (and acquiescence of federal courts in cases federal suit is filed against said State judiciary and officials). In each State, ultimately it is the State Chief Justice MUST bear responsibility for the criminal corruption of State judges under his/her watch. In the case of New York, the responsible party is Chief Judge, ......

The United States Supreme Court (“USSC”) aids and abets the corruption by deliberately burying its head in the sand while its own federal courts unconstitutionally and unlawfully continue to ignore and violate the Constitution and USSC's own directives where concerns the plight of people who seek fundamental, civil and human rights remedy and redress for atrocities and corruption perpetrated by States' judiciaries and courts !!! This capitulation to the states' judicial corruption erodes the authority of the federal laws and Constitution and people's protection under them. Hence, it is a deliberate betrayal of people's rights and trust!
The USSC is in direct and express violation of the Constitution by declining to hear people's Petitions (For Writ of Certiorari) to provide “redress” in the face of lower federal and particularly state courts' corruption ????? Such neglect and failure places the United States in direct violation of international treaties and Compacts (such as
United Nations Conventions On Human and Political Rights, Charter 77, Rights of Children) it has signed and ratified!!!!!! Hence, rendering the United States in further violation of norms of humanity, decency and morality, not to mention international law!!!!!!

The Constitution For the United States

(For the many judges and attorneys who have not read it, ignore it, or deliberately violate it! Hence, committing treason against the United States)

            +++ Supreme Clause Article VI, Clause 2 of the Constitution: This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; . . . . shall be the supreme Law of the Land. +++

+++ When a judge acts intentionally and knowingly to deprive a person of his constitutional rights he exercises no discretion or individual judgment; he acts no longer as a judge, but as a " minister" of his own prejudices. [386 U.S. 547, 568].
+++ A judge is liable for injury caused by a ministerial act; to have immunity the judge must be performing a judicial function. See, e. g., Ex parte Virginia, 100 U.S. 339 ; 2 Harper & James, The Law of Torts 1642-1643 (1956).
+++ The presence of malice and the intention to deprive a person of his civil rights is wholly incompatible with the judicial function.
++++ When the state in the instant case is one of the perpetrators and violators, there can be no expectation of just, indeed any, relief from it. The State cannot cause a federal violation, and then try to prohibit litigants from seeking redress in the federal courts for those same violations (i.e. the state cannot violate our fundamental rights, and then try to have us dismissed out of federal court for seeking vindication of those rights) ' "
We have long recognized that a state cannot create a transitory cause of action and at the same time destroy the fight to sue on that transitory cause of action in any court having jurisdiction", Tennessee Coal, Iron & R, Co. v. George, 233 U.S. 354, 360 (1914)' cited in Marshall v. Marshall (2006).Judges' oath of office includes the undertaking to uphold the laws and Constitution of the United States. Any Judge violating such undertakings loses jurisdiction, resulting in his orders being VOID, and he himself commits a treasonable offense against the United States.

What YOU Could Do

If you are, and when you become (as it is becoming increasingly likely), a victim of judicial corruption in any State of the United States, the actions (“projects”) below in this section are what you can take to help fight the said pervasive judicial corruption. The following actions have been and are been taken against the judicial perpetrators in the State of Indiana and could be adopted as examples for use in your State. For assistance, please feel free to contact Dr. Sanjari.

1- Use any and all constitutional means, such as Impeachment, against the miscreant judge or official.

2.A- March 26, 2008: As part of the ongoing campaign (see the Open Letter below) to seek redress and expose the insidious judicial corruption in Indiana courts, many victims of Indiana judicial corruption signed and sent this communication to the full Indiana legislature (The House and the Senate members) as well as 60+ media outlets regarding wide spread judicial corruption in Indiana and Randall Terry Shepard's (Indiana Chief Justice's) role in it and his state of judiciary address (01.16.2008, this section, below) to the Indiana legislature. Mr. Shepard has not seen fit to respond to the people's Open Letter (below) to him which may not be surprising given his complicity in unlawful activities of Indiana judiciary. Therefore, given the legal maxim that silence equates with fraud and admission of guilt, we demand Randall Terry Shepard's resignation and his replacement by a chief justice who would uphold the rule of law and who has not been tainted by crimes and conspiracy against victims of Indiana judiciary.

N.B. Assertions herein are supported by documentary, audio and personal testimony evidence and proof.

Dear Indiana Legislator,
On January 16, 2008, Randall Terry Shepard, Chief Justice of Indiana delivered his 21st State of the Judiciary address to a joint session of the Indiana General Assembly, as required by Indiana Constitution. In conclusion, he stated:
"In short, this is a judiciary with reform in its heart, its feet on the ground, and its mind focused on its customers."
Having experienced the quality of justice and conduct of judges in Indiana courts first hand, we, the undersigned, will not even waste your time discussing the judge's premise for the content of his speech. Suffice it to say that Mr. Shepard (or rather “RANDELL SHEPERD”, see footnote -FN1) is correct to refer to "customers" as rule of law and justice have become commodities in Indiana courts and are sold to the highest bidders through abuse and disdain for the law,....”. See the link above for the full text of this communication to the legislators.

2.B- January 12, 2008: Open Letter To Randall Terry Shepard, Chief Justice Of Indiana: by victims, especially mothers and fathers, of Indiana judicial and official corruption primarily by and in Indiana courts at all levels including county courts, Indiana court of Appeals and Supreme Court. As the chief judge of Indiana, Randall Terry Shepard is directly and personally responsible for the unlawful and corrupt conduct of his judges. It is intended that the publicity in this regard shall be maintained until and unless he either institutes a criminal investigation into the conduct of Indiana judges and cleans up his judicial house, or makes room for an honest and law-abiding chief judge to carry out the task. Additionally, see the Press Release and the Brief In Support also submitted to the multitude of media outlets within Indiana, nationally and internationally and to the federal and Indiana legislatures. If you, your children, parents, or any one you know, have been victimized by Indiana courts, please join (by sending E-Mail to) us in this ongoing effort to root out corruption from, and have the Constitution and rule of Law of the Land, return to Indiana “family” courts. Sent to 50+ media outlets.
You could distribute the
Open Letter, Press Release and the Brief In Support regarding the “family” court corruption and fraud to the media (newspapers, TV stations, internet, etc) and to Indiana and US legislators to let them know that Randall Terry Shepard is knowingly unwilling (or unable) to carry out his duty and responsibility to keep Indiana judges from committing crimes upon parents of Indiana.
Also and very importantly, you could use the material here to educate people about how crooked judges in conjunction with some corrupt prosecutors and lawyers not only defraud the U.S. Government, but also routinely violate the legal and constitutional rights of Indiana parents and children resulting in the destruction of their lives and families, and deprivation of their livelihoods, liberties and children for the kidnap money otherwise known as federal incentive.

3- The Hague Petition: Stop the spread of the Title IV-D corruption and fraud by the states and US government upon parents and tax payers. E-Mail us your name and address only to be added to the petition, or send the Letter To The Haguemember states yourself- see Description.

- Federal Investigation: Complaint to Federal Law Enforcement Authorities and The US Congress Judiciary Committees Against States' Criminal Judicial Corruption (and protected by federal judges):
Download, fill out and
E-Mail us this affidavit to add your voice and complaint to many others' filed with federal law enforcement agencies and US Congress. Contact us for action to stem the tide of judicial and official corruption in Indiana (and other states) hurting children and parents alike for greed of the judges, courts, county prosecutors and state officials protected by and in conspiracy with (Indiana- see left) Attorney General's office, and protected by US federal judges.

- Join (E-Mail) us to seek redress against judicial and official corruption.

5- Boycott of Travel to And Commerce with Indiana for its Human Rights Violations (Including Against European Union Citizens)

Message to International organizations and businesses: If and when there were any notion of relocating, starting a business or investing in Indiana, USA, it is a legal, ethical and moral consideration to bear in mind that laws of Indiana, many unconstitutional) are operated by a corrupt judiciary (all the way through its supreme court) with a lynch-mob mentality (not least a reflection of inferior standard of Indiana education system) and supported by a corrupt system of county prosecutors' and Attorney General's offices to the detriment of any morality, ethics, Constitution and even Indiana laws themselves not to mention an extremely family unfriendly court system that could and would decimate your work force's families, abuse their children and defraud them out of their money all under the color of law in order to grab (through defrauding the compliant US federal government for Title IV-D “reimbursement and incentive” money for destroying families and creating fatherless children). The said corruption also extends to areas, such as business, that said perpetrators influence. Any venture that could possibly benefit Indiana would be supporting and contributing to this corrupt system and the atrocities it perpetrates. You are, therefore, urged to refrain from doing any business whatsoever in Indiana. Furthermore, European Union countries and businesses are additionally legally obliged to refrain from doing business with Indiana as this state's atrocities and human rights violations have been knowingly perpetrated upon European Union citizens and nationals who'd take appropriate steps to prevent any business transaction with Indiana. (See above, Dr. Sanjari's letter to Indiana Governor, Mitch Daniels).

Misconduct Cases- New Hampshire

Submit YOUR own, or others', cases of judicial corruption, atrocities and violations by judges and officials. But, please read the submission instructions in information and templates such as a short affidavit, etc.
You may submit the complaint which will be displayed on the web either anonymously or with your name included in the displayed complaint (you choose). If anonymity is requested, your affidavit, used only by us for verification of statements, will be held strictly confidential and only your complaint will be put on the web.

The projects and actions for redress are applicable to ALL States, their judiciary and officials as well as those of federal courts with appropriate and relevant modifications (Contact Dr. Sanjari).
Documentary submissions regarding violations and misconduct by ALL States and federal judiciary and officials are accepted and indeed encouraged for inclusion herein.

For ALL of the following human rights atrocities by the corrupt and miscreant State judges, their boss, chief judge of the State is ultimately responsible. Also it must be noted that they can not be both judges/courts and CORPORATIONS at the same time. Since they seem to be CORPORATIONS traded on the Stock Market, then they can not be legitimate courts/judges. Therefore, they have conflict of interest and hence, no lawful jurisdiction over people. This is a fraud of highest level against the people by the judiciary.

The following are some of the criminal violations by the State courts and judges that the mainstream media (including those in the State) not only do not publicize, but also bend backward, in a knee jerk reaction, to defend the very criminal judges even in the face of evidence against them!

1- Ms. Elena Katz: New Hampshire Governor, John Lynch, “is allowing his constituents' families - such as Elena's - to be destroyed - for federal funds!”
Elena Katz is under arrest for removing her diabetic daughter from the clutches of the federal “incentive” profit seeking “Child Services” in New Hampshire. Elena's daughter will be taken into custody of NH DCYS that “almost killed the girl on three occasions”.

2- YOUR SUBMISSION here ??????


- Misconduct Cases- New Hampshire
- Announcements & Court Watch
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- Submit YOUR Cases of Judicial

    Corruption & Misconduct By
    Judges (ALL States & Federal)
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